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23.2.2017Android Ransomware Demands Victims Speak Unlock Code Android
3.4.2017No Prizes Awarded in Google's Android Hacking Contest Android
31.3.2017Verizon to pre-install a 'Spyware' app on its Android phones to collect user dataAndroid
24.3.2017Android Forums Suffers Data Breach Android
24.3.2017Data breach – Are you an Android Forums user? Resets your passwords now.Android

Security Improvements Make Android More Attractive to Business

23.3.2017Rogue Cellphone towers used to spread the Android Swearing TrojanAndroid
22.3.2017Hackers Using Fake Cellphone Towers to Spread Android Banking TrojanAndroid
14.3.2017Google Kicks Out Largest Android Adware Family From The Play StoreAndroid
14.3.2017Enterprises Infected By Pre-installed Android Malware Android
12.3.2017Check Point experts spotted pre-Installed Android Malware on 38 Android devicesAndroid
11.3.2017Beware! Pre-Installed Android Malware Found On 36 High-end SmartphonesAndroid
2.3.2017Apps Containing Malicious IFrames Found on Google Play Android
2.3.2017Mobile malware evolution 2016Mobil  Android  Virus
23.2.2017Android Ransomware Demands Victims Speak Unlock Code Android

Android RAT Targeting Israeli Soldiers Part of Larger Campaign


Trojan Downloader Masquerades as Defunct Flash Player for Android

17.2.2017 App-in-the-Middle Attacks Bypass Android Sandbox: Skycure Android
17.2.2017Hackers Are Using Android Malware To Spy On Israeli Military PersonnelAndroid
13.2.2017Thousands of Android Devices Infected by Marcher Trojan Android