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21.6.18Hackers Steal $30 Million From Top Seoul Bitcoin Exchange 
21.6.18Hackers Steal $31 Million from South Korean cryptocurrency exchange Bithumb 
20.6.18Does Cryptocurrency Encourage Crime? 
16.6.18Syscoin Github has been breached, hacker replaced Syscoin Windows client with tainted version 
12.6.18$175 Million in Monero Mined via Malicious Programs: Report 
11.6.18 Bitcoin Declines After Coinrail Cryptocurrency Exchange Hack 
11.6.18South Korean Cryptocurrency Exchange Coinrail hacked, hackers stole over $40M worth of ICO tokens 
8.6.18 Cryptocurrency Theft Tops $1 Billion in Past Six Months 
29.5.18Hacker stole $1.35 million from cryptocurrency startup Taylor 
25.5.18Bitcoin Gold hit by double-spend attack, exchanges lose over $18 million 
25.5.18Many users reported in the past few weeks their Macs have been infected with a new Monero Miner 
24.5.18Macs Infected With New Monero-Mining Malware 
14.5.18PANDA Banker malware used in several campaigns aimed at banks, cryptocurrency exchanges and social media 
13.5.18Malicious package containing Bytecoin cryptocurrency miner found on the Ubuntu Snap Store 
9.5.18A New Cryptocurrency Mining Virus is Spreading Through Facebook 
8.5.18Hackers continue to hack Drupal installs to install backdoors and inject cryptocurrency malware 
5.5.18Banks Don't Want to be Weakest Link in Blockchain Revolution 
1.5.18FacexWorm targets cryptocurrency users and spreads through Facebook Messenger 
30.4.18New Bezop Cryptocurrency (BEZ) leaks Personal details for 25k users 
24.4.18Hackers Can Steal Cryptocurrency From Air-Gapped Wallets: Researcher 
22.4.18Attackers Fake Computational Power to Steal Cryptocurrencies from equihash Mining Pools 
16.4.18Bitcoin web wallet addresses generated with a flawed library are exposed to brute-force attacks 
13.4.18$3.3 Million stolen from main Coinsecure Bitcoin wallet 
9.4.18Verge Cryptocurrency suffered a cyber attack, dev team responded with an Hard Fork 
8.4.18Google Bans Cryptocurrency Mining Extensions From Chrome Web Store 

Pocket cryptofarms

5.4.18Thousands of compromised Magento websites delivering Malware 
3.4.18Google Bans Crypto-Mining Chrome Extensions 
3.4.18Google to banish cryptocurrency mining extensions from official Chrome Web Store 
3.4.18njRAT Gets Ransomware, Crypto-Currency Stealing Capabilities 
3.4.18HiddenMiner Android Cryptocurrency miner can brick your device 
30.3.18 Crypto Mining Rampant in Higher Education 
25.3.18A new massive cryptomining campaign target Linux servers exploiting old flaw 
21.3.18Coverity Scan Hacked, Abused for Cryptocurrency Mining 

Hacked Japan Crypto Exchange Refunds Customers

12.3.18 Cryptocurrency mining operations target Windows Server, Redis and Apache Solr servers online 
10.3.18ISPs Caught Injecting Cryptocurrency Miners and Spyware In Some Countries 
10.3.18New Cryptocurrency Mining Malware Infected Over 500,000 PCs in Just Few Hours 
7.3.18Mining is the new black 
7.3.18600 Powerful Bitcoin-Mining Computers Worth $2 Million Stolen In Iceland 
6.3.18 "ComboJack" Malware Steals Multiple Virtual Currencies 
6.3.18ComboJack Malware alters Windows clipboards to steal cryptocurrencies and payments 
4.3.18Bitcoin-linked heist: thieves stolen 600 powerful computers in Iceland 
28.7.18Ad Network Performs In-Browser Cryptojacking 
16.2.18Oracle WebLogic Server Flaw Exploited to Deliver Crypto-Miners 
13.2.18Litecoin, Dash to Dethrone Bitcoin on Dark Web: Report 
13.2.18Thousands of Government Websites Hacked to Mine Cryptocurrencies 
13.2.18 Cryptocurrency Miners Not Uncommon on Industrial Systems 
12.2.18Crypto Mining Malware Infects Thousands of Websites 
12.2.1849% of crypto mining scripts are deployed on pornographic related websites 
12.2.18Thousands of websites worldwide hijacked by cryptocurrency mining code due Browsealoud plugin hack 
11.2.18FSB arrested researchers at the Russian Federation Nuclear Center for using a supercomputer to mine Bitcoins 
8.2.18Cyber Espionage Group Targets Asian Countries With Bitcoin Mining Malware 
8.2.18 Watch Out! New Cryptocurrency-Mining Android Malware is Spreading Rapidly 
8.2.18Cryptocurrency Mining Malware Hits Monitoring Systems at European Water Utility 
6.2.18How to Mitigate the Threat Cryptocurrency Mining Poses to Enterprise Security