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17.6.2018 ICS
15.6.2018  ICS
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26.4.2018 ICS
23.4.2018 ICS
18.4.2018 ICS
16.4.2018Talos experts found many high severity flaws in Moxa EDR-810 industrial routersICS
16.4.2018Severe Flaws Expose Moxa Industrial Routers to AttacksICS
13.4.2018Mocana Launches Supply Chain Integrity Platform to Secure IoT, ICS DevicesICS
12.4.2018Researchers discovered several flaws that expose electrical substations to hackICS
12.4.2018Electrical Substations Exposed to Attacks by Flaws in Siemens DevicesICS
9.4.2018Schneider Electric Patches 16 Flaws in Building Automation SoftwareICS

Many natural gas pipeline operators in the U.S. Gas affected by cyberattack

30.3.2018Severe Vulnerabilities Expose MicroLogix PLCs to AttacksICS
27.3.2018Threat Landscape for Industrial Automation Systems in H2 2017ICS
26.3.2018Energy Sector Most Impacted by ICS Flaws, Attacks: StudyICS
1.3.2018Five Threat Groups Target Industrial Systems: DragosICS
1.3.2018 Public Advisories Fail to Convey True Impact of ICS FlawsICS
14.2.2018Schneider Electric Patches Several Flaws in IGSS ProductsICS
2.2.2018Web Server Used in 100 ICS Products Affected by Critical Flaw 
2.2.2018Hundreds of ICS products affected by a critical flaw in CODESYS WebVisu 
2.2.2018Increasing Number of Industrial Systems Accessible From Web: Study