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Expertsdisclosed an unpatched Kernel buffer overflow in Trusteer Rapport for MacOS

Apple Securityaffairs


Keybase Pays $5,000 Bounties for Privilege Escalation Bugs in Linux and macOS Apps


13.12.18 New LamePyre macOS Malware Sends Screenshots to Attacker Apple



A new Mac malware combines a backdoor and a crypto-miner Apple  Cryptocurrency Securityaffairs


New Mac Malware Combines Open-Source Backdoor and Crypto-Miner Apple Securityweek


Android Clickfraud Op Impersonates iPhones to Bump Ad Premiums Android  Apple Bleepingcomputer
8.12.18 WebKit Vulnerability Affects Latest Versions of Apple Safari Apple Bleepingcomputer
6.12.18 Apple Fixes Passcode Bypass, RCE Vulnerabilities, and More in Today's Updates. Apple Bleepingcomputer


Fake iOS Fitness Apps Steal Money Apple Securityweek


Scam iOS Fitness Apps Steal Money Through Apple Touch ID Apple Bleepingcomputer

iOS Fitness Apps Robbing Money From Apple Victims



23.11.18 Chaining 3 zero-days allowed pen testers to hack Apple macOS computers Apple PBWCZ.CZ


How Just Opening A Site In Safari Could Have Hacked Your Apple macOS



21.11.18 Mac users using Exodus cryptocurrency wallet targeted by a small spam campaign Apple PBWCZ.CZ
5.11.18 Apple T2 security chip in new MacBooks disconnects Microphone when lid is closed Apple PBWCZ.CZ
31.10.18 Apple Patches Passcode Bypass, FaceTime Flaws in iOS. Accuses China of Hacking Aerospace, Tech Companies Apple PBWCZ.CZ
31.10.18 iOS Lockscreen Bypass Abuses New Group FaceTime Feature Apple PBWCZ.CZ
31.10.18 A few hours after Apple released iOS 12.1, a researcher presented a Passcode Bypass issue Apple PBWCZ.CZ
28.10.18 Apple and Samsung fined millions for “planned obsolescence” of old smartphones Apple PBWCZ.CZ
27.10.18 Apple CEO Backs Privacy Laws, Warns Data Being 'Weaponized' Apple PBWCZ.CZ
26.10.18 Mac Malware Injects Ads Into Encrypted Traffic Apple PBWCZ.CZ
19.10.18 Apple's Revamped Privacy Website Offers Users Access to Their Data Apple PBWCZ.CZ
18.10.18 New iPhone Passcode Bypass Method Found Days After Patch Apple PBWCZ.CZ
17.10.18 Expert disclosed a new passcode bypass to access photos and contacts on a locked iPhone Apple PBWCZ.CZ
10.10.18 Apple Tells Congress Chinese Spy Chip Story Is False Apple PBWCZ.CZ
10.10.18 Apple Patches Passcode Bypass in iOS Apple PBWCZ.CZ
8.10.18 Google Criticizes Apple Over Safari Security, Flaw Disclosures Apple PBWCZ.CZ
5.10.18 Roaming Mantis part III: iOS crypto-mining and spreading via malicious content delivery system Apple PBWCZ.CZ
4.10.18 Apple Chief Says Firm Guards Data Privacy in China Apple PBWCZ.CZ
2.10.18 Weak Passwords Abused for 'FruitFly' Mac Malware Distribution Apple PBWCZ.CZ
2.10.18 Passcode Bypass Method Exposes Photos, Contacts on iPhone XS Apple PBWCZ.CZ
1.10.18 Expert demonstrated how to access contacts and photos from a locked iPhone XS Apple PBWCZ.CZ
28.9.18 Researchers Find 'Authentication Weakness' in Apple's Device Enrollment Program Apple PBWCZ.CZ
28.9.18 Pangu hackers are back, they realized the iOS 12 Jailbreak Apple PBWCZ.CZ
25.9.18 Experts uncovered a new Adwind campaign aimed at Linux, Windows, and macOS systems Apple PBWCZ.CZ
25.9.18 macOS Mojave Patches Vulnerabilities, But New Flaws Already Emerge Apple PBWCZ.CZ
25.9.18 New Adwind Campaign Targets Linux, Windows, and macOS Apple PBWCZ.CZ
25.9.18 White hat hacker found a macOS Mojave privacy bypass 0-day flaw on release day Apple PBWCZ.CZ
17.9.18 Researcher devised a new CSS & HTML attack that causes iPhone reboot or freezes Macs Apple PBWCZ.CZ
17.9.18 Experts disclose a Webroot SecureAnywhere macOS Kernel Level bug found months ago Apple PBWCZ.CZ
15.9.18 How Apple's Safari Browser Will Try to Thwart Data Tracking Apple PBWCZ.CZ
10.9.18 Mac Apps From Apple's App Store Steal User Data, Researchers Say Apple PBWCZ.CZ
10.9.18 A growing number of iOS apps collect and sell location data Apple PBWCZ.CZ
8.9.18 Apple removed the popular app Adware Doctor because steals user browsing history Apple PBWCZ.CZ
6.9.18 Attackers Abuse Age Restrictions to Hide Apps on iOS Devices Apple PBWCZ.CZ
24.8.18 North Korean Hackers Hit Cryptocurrency Exchange with macOS Malware Apple PBWCZ.CZ
17.8.18 'Hacky Hack Hack': Australia Teen Breaches Apple's Secure Network Apple PBWCZ.CZ
17.8.18 An Australian schoolboy hacked into Apple Servers and stole 90GB of secure files Apple PBWCZ.CZ
13.8.18 Apple zero-day exposes macOS to Synthetic Mouse-Click attacks Apple PBWCZ.CZ
11.8.18 Experts explained how to hack macs in enterprises through MDM Apple PBWCZ.CZ
10.8.18 Macs in Enterprise Can Be Hacked on First Boot Apple PBWCZ.CZ
8.8.18 Snapchat Source Code Leaked Apple PBWCZ.CZ
31.7.18 Calisto Trojan for macOS Apple PBWCZ.CZ
23.7.18 Calisto macOS Backdoor Remained Undetected for Two Years Apple PBWCZ.CZ
22.7.18 Experts discovered Calisto macOS Trojan, the first member of Proton RAT family Apple PBWCZ.CZ
18.7.18 Attackers Target iPhones Using Open Source MDM Solution Apple PBWCZ.CZ
12.7.18 Apple Patches KRACK Flaws in Boot Camp Apple PBWCZ.CZ
12.7.18 Apple Rolls-Out USB Restricted Mode in iOS Apple PBWCZ.CZ
11.7.18 Just using a $39 device it is possible to defeat new iOS USB Restricted Mode Apple PBWCZ.CZ
4.7.18 New macOS Malware Targets Crypto-Currency Users Apple PBWCZ.CZ
30.6.18 Recently discovered OSX.Dummy mac malware is targeting the cryptocurrency community Apple PBWCZ.CZ
25.6.18 A hacker devised a method to unlock any iPhone and iPad device Apple PBWCZ.CZ
21.6.18 macOS' Quick Look Cache May Leak Encrypted Data Apple PBWCZ.CZ
18.6.18 Apple USB Restricted Mode feature will make hard for law enforcement to crack devices Apple PBWCZ.CZ
14.6.18 Apple Steps Up Encryption to Thwart Police Cracking of iPhones Apple PBWCZ.CZ
12.6.18 Code Signing Flaw Affects all Mac OS Versions Since 2005 Apple PBWCZ.CZ
8.6.18 All New Privacy and Security Features Coming in macOS 10.14 Mojave Apple PBWCZ.CZ
7.6.18 Here's How to Download All the Data Apple Collects About You Apple PBWCZ.CZ
6.6.18 Apple Touts Privacy Features of New Operating Systems Apple PBWCZ.CZ
6.6.18 Apple Boosts Security in iOS 12, macOS Mojave Apple PBWCZ.CZ
1.6.18 ProtonMail Launches VPN Application for macOS Apple PBWCZ.CZ
11.5.18 Self-destructing messages received on 'Signal for Mac' can be recovered later Apple PBWCZ.CZ
10.5.18 Signal disappearing messages can be recovered by the macOS client Apple PBWCZ.CZ
26.4.18 Apple Patches macOS, iOS, Safari Apple PBWCZ.CZ
25.4.18 'iTunes Wi-Fi Sync' Feature Could Let Attackers Hijack Your iPhone, iPad Remotely Apple PBWCZ.CZ
25.4.18 New Tool Detects Evil Maid Attacks on Mac Laptops Apple PBWCZ.CZ
20.4.18 iOS users can now use Google prompt on their devices via the Gmail app Apple PBWCZ.CZ
20.4.18 Google Prompt Arrives in Gmail for iOS Apple PBWCZ.CZ
6.4.18 New macOS Backdoor Linked to Cyber-espionage Group Apple PBWCZ.CZ
6.4.18 OSX_OCEANLOTUS.D, a new macOS backdoor linked to APT 32 group Apple PBWCZ.CZ
1.4.18 Apple macOS Bug Reveals Passwords for APFS Encrypted Volumes in Plaintext Apple PBWCZ.CZ