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18.3.18Russia-linked Sofacy APT targets an unnamed European Government agency  
18.3.18Chinese APT Group TEMP.Periscope targets US Engineering and Maritime Industries  
14.3.18OceanLotus APT is very active, it used new Backdoor in recent campaigns  
12.3.18New North Korea-linked Cyberattacks Target Financial Institutions  
12.3.18 Kaspersky – Sofacy ‘s campaigns overlap with other APT groups’ operations  
10.3.18 Masha and these Bears  
10.3.18The Slingshot APT FAQ  
10.3.18APT Hackers Infect Routers to Covertly Implant Slingshot Spying Malware  
10.3.18North Korean Hidden Cobra APT targets Turkish financial industry with new Bankshot malware  
9.3.18Sofacy Attacks Overlap With Other State-Sponsored Operations  
9.3.18 New North Korea-linked Cyberattacks Target Financial Institutions  
9.3.18Olympic Destroyer, alleged artifacts and false flag make attribution impossible  
8.3.18Sophisticated False Flags Planted in Olympic Destroyer Malware  
2.3.18Iran-Linked Chafer Group Expands Toolset, Targets List  
2.3.18Russia-linked Hackers Directly Targeting Diplomats: Report  
1.3.18DPA Report: Russia-linked APT28 group hacked Germany’s government network  
25.2.18A Slice of 2017 Sofacy Activity  
24.2.18Iran-linked group OilRig used a new Trojan called OopsIE in recent attacks  
22.2.18Russia-linked Sofacy APT group shift focus from NATO members to towards the Middle East and Central Asia  
21.2.18North Korean APT Group tracked as APT37 broadens its horizons  
20.2.18North Korean Hacking Group APT37 Expands Targets  
5.2.18Gold Dragon Implant Linked to Pyeongchang Olympics Attacks  
3.2.18Chinese Iron Tiger APT is back, a close look at the Operation PZChao