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8.12.2016 Floki Bot rapidly evolves and targets also PoS data  
4.12.2016 Experts from CloudFlare spotted a new dangerous botnet  
28.11.2016 Hackers offer a huge Mirai botnet as a DDoS-for-hire service  
4.11.2016 Someone is Using Mirai Botnet to Shut Down Internet for an Entire Country  
4.11.2016 Shadows Kill Mirai Botnet caused an Internet outage in Liberia, what is the next one?  
1.11.2016 New IoT Botnet Malware Discovered; Infecting More Devices Worldwide  
30.10.2016 Hacking back the Mirai botnet, technical and legal issues  
24.10.2016 Hackers offered an loT botnet for $7,500. The recent attack may be just a test  
16.10.2016 The Mirai botnet is targeting also Sierra Wireless cellular data gear products  
12.10.2016 Inside the DDoS attacks powered by large IoT botnets  
8.10.2016 Which are principal cities hostages of malicious botnets?  
8.10.2016 More than 500,000 IoT devices potentially recruitable in the Mirai Botnet  
3.10.2016 The source code of the Mirai IoT botnet leaked online. Do you trust it?  
29.9.2016 Necurs botnet: the resurrection of the monster and the rising of spam  
28.9.2016 Cisco Talos profiled the GozNym botnet after cracking the trojan DGA  
1.9.2016 BASHLITE Botnets peaked 1 Million Internet of Thing Devices  
17.5.2016 Redirector.Paco, a Million-Machine Clickfraud Botnet  
8.5.2016 Journey of a ‘Hacked Computer’ : From Torrents to Botnets  
10.4.2016 Security experts shut down the dreaded Linux Mumblehard botnet  
15.3.2016 The GM Bot v2 released after source leak, it is more expensive of v2  
15.2.2016 Mazar Bot actively targeting Android devices and wiping them  
5.2.2016 Someone has pwned the Dridex botnet serving the Avira Antivirus