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14.11.18Sophisticated Cyberattack Targets Pakistani MilitaryCyberWarPBWCZ.CZ
15.10.17F-35 Stealth Fighter Data Stolen in Australia Defence HackCyberWarPBWCZ.CZ
14.10.17Ukraine Police Warns of New NotPetya-Style Large Scale CyberAttackCyberWarPBWCZ.CZ
14.10.17Security Service of Ukraine of a new wave of large-scale NotPetya-like attackCyberWarPBWCZ.CZ
22.9.18U.S. Takes Off the Gloves in Global Cyber Wars: Top OficialsCyberWarPBWCZ.CZ
14.9.18Talking UK Cyberwar With Sir David OmandCyberWarPBWCZ.CZ
8.9.18Talking Global Cyberwar With Kaspersky Lab's Anton ShingarevCyberWarPBWCZ.CZ
23.8.17USS John S McCain incident, some experts speculate it was a cyber attackCyberWarPBWCZ.CZ

US Warship Collisions Raise Cyberattack Fears

19.7.18Ukraine ‘s SBU Security Service reportedly stopped VPNFilter attack at chlorine stationCyberWarPBWCZ.CZ

Russian Oil Giant Rosneft Says Hit by 'Powerful' Cyberattack

27.6.17Russian Gov is threatening to ban Telegram because it refused to comply data protection lawsCyberWarPBWCZ.CZ
27.6.17Pro-ISIS group defaced US Government websites in 3 statesCyberWarPBWCZ.CZ

Govt Websites in Ohio, Maryland Hacked With Pro-IS Messages

9.6.17Al-Jazeera claims to be facing a large-scale cyber attack due to Qatar crisisCyberWarPBWCZ.CZ

Experts, Microsoft Push for Global NGO to Expose Hackers


Qatar's Al-Jazeera Says Battling Cyber Attack

5.6.17A new report warns UK’s Trident submarines ‘vulnerable to catastrophic hack’CyberWarPBWCZ.CZ

'Tallinn Manual 2.0' - the Rulebook for Cyberwar

27.4.17The Israeli Government announces it thwarted a major cyberattackCyberWarPBWCZ.CZ
21.4.17The Stuxnet vulnerability is still one of the most exploited flaws in the wild by hackersCyberWarPBWCZ.CZ
18.4.17Moving threat landscape: The reality beyond the cyberwarfareCyberWarPBWCZ.CZ
17.4.17The failure of the missile launch by North Korea may have been caused by US cyber attackCyberWarPBWCZ.CZ