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Novidade, a new Exploit Kit is targeting SOHO RoutersExploitSecurityaffairs


New Exploit Kit Targets SOHO RoutersExploitSecurityweek


Exploit Code for the Kubernetes Flaw Is Now Available



6.12.18New Adobe Flash Zero-Day Exploit Found Hidden Inside MS Office DocsExploitThehackernews
2.12.18Injecting Code into Windows Protected Processes using COM - Part 2Exploit blogProject Zero
29.11.18The Nature of Mass Exploitation CampaignsExploitThreatpost
20.11.18Hackers Earn $1 Million for Zero-Day Exploits at Chinese CompetitionExploitPBWCZ.CZ
16.11.18A new exploit for zero-day vulnerability CVE-18-8589ExploitPBWCZ.CZ
8.11.18A flaw in WooCommerce WordPress Plugin could be exploited to take over e-storesExploitPBWCZ.CZ
3.11.18CISCO warn of a zero-day DoS flaw that is being actively exploited in attacksExploitPBWCZ.CZ
2.11.18Bluetooth Chip Flaws Expose Enterprises to Remote AttacksExploit  VulnerebilityPBWCZ.CZ
1.11.180x20k of Ghost Squad Hackers Releases ODay Exploit Targeting Apache HadoopExploitPBWCZ.CZ
25.10.18Exploit for New Windows Zero-Day Published on TwitterExploitPBWCZ.CZ
13.10.18 Zero-day exploit (CVE-18-8453) used in targeted attacksExploit  VulnerebilityPBWCZ.CZ
12.10.18Hackers Exploit Drupalgeddon2 to Install BackdoorExploitPBWCZ.CZ
11.10.18KeyBoy Abuses Popular Office Exploits for Malware DeliveryExploitPBWCZ.CZ
11.9.18Zerodium disclose exploit for NoScript bug in version 7 of Tor BrowserExploitPBWCZ.CZ
10.9.18Fallout exploit kit appeared in the threat landscape in malvertising campaignsExploitPBWCZ.CZ
8.9.18Researchers Discover New "Fallout" Exploit KitExploitPBWCZ.CZ
7.9.18Recently uncovered PowerPool Group used recent Windows Zero-Day exploitExploitPBWCZ.CZ
6.9.18Windows Zero-Day Exploited in Targeted Attacks by 'PowerPool' GroupExploitPBWCZ.CZ
4.9.18Oracle Products Affected by Exploited Apache Struts FlawExploit  VulnerebilityPBWCZ.CZ
29.8.18Expert publicly disclosed exploit code for Windows Task Scheduler Zero-DayExploit  VulnerebilityPBWCZ.CZ
29.8.18Exploit Published for Windows Task Scheduler Zero-DayExploitPBWCZ.CZ
28.8.18 Exploit for Recent Critical Apache Struts Vulnerability PublishedExploitPBWCZ.CZ
21.8.18North Korean Hackers Exploit Recently Patched Zero-DayBigBrothers  Exploit  PBWCZ.CZ
14.8.18Faxploit – Critical flaws potentially exposes millions of HP OfficeJet Printers to hackExploitPBWCZ.CZ
13.8.18Beware the Fax Machine: Some Hackers Target Old GadgetsExploitPBWCZ.CZ
4.8.18MikroTik Routers Exploited in Massive Crypto-Mining CampaignExploit  CryptocurrencyPBWCZ.CZ
31.7.18Advanced Malvertising Campaign Exploits Online Advertising Supply ChainExploit  VirusPBWCZ.CZ
25.7.18Korean Davolink routers are easy exploitable due to poor cyber hygeneExploitPBWCZ.CZ
23.7.18 Sony addresses remotely exploitable flaws in Sony IPELA E Network CamerasExploitPBWCZ.CZ
2.7.18RIG Exploit Kit operators leverage PROPagate Injection Technique to deliver MinerExploitPBWCZ.CZ
1.7.18Zerodium offers up to $500,000 for Linux Zero-Day exploitsExploitPBWCZ.CZ
13.6.18 Exploit Kits Target Recent Flash, Internet Explorer Zero-DaysExploitPBWCZ.CZ
8.6.18Over 115,000 Drupal Sites Still Vulnerable to Drupalgeddon2 ExploitExploitPBWCZ.CZ
7.6.18Adobe fixed the CVE-18-5002 Flash Zero-Day exploited in targeted attacks in the Middle EastExploitPBWCZ.CZ
28.5.18Experts noticed an ongoing activity involving the RIG Exploit Kit to deliver the Grobios TrojanExploitPBWCZ.CZ
25.5.18Nethammer—Exploiting DRAM Rowhammer Bug Through Network RequestsExploitPBWCZ.CZ
19.5.18More than 800,000 DrayTek routers at risks due to a mysterious zero-day exploitExploitPBWCZ.CZ