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Siemens addresses multiple critical flaws in SINUMERIK Controllers



Siemens Patches Several Critical Flaws in SINUMERIK Controllers




Symantec Unveils USB Scanning Station for ICS, IoT EnvironmentsICSSecurityweek


M2M Protocols Expose Industrial Systems to AttacksICSSecurityweek
26.11.18Threat predictions for industrial security in 2019ICSKaspersky
15.11.18Siemens Releases 7 Advisories for SIMATIC, SCALANCE VulnerabilitiesICSPBWCZ.CZ
10.11.18Flaws in Roche Medical Devices Can Put Patients at RiskICSPBWCZ.CZ
6.11.18ICS Devices Vulnerable to Side-Channel Attacks: ResearcherICSPBWCZ.CZ
5.11.18High severity XML external entity flaw affects Sauter building automation productICSPBWCZ.CZ
3.11.18Sauter Quickly Patches Flaw in Building Automation SoftwareICSPBWCZ.CZ
30.10.18Internet-Exposed HMIs Put Energy, Water Facilities at Risk: ReportICSPBWCZ.CZ
24.10.18Russian Government-owned research institute linked to Triton attacksICSPBWCZ.CZ
23.10.18Cyberbit Launches Portable ICS Security Assessment SolutionICSPBWCZ.CZ
19.10.18'GreyEnergy' Cyberspies Target Ukraine, PolandICSPBWCZ.CZ
9.10.18Code Execution Flaws Found in WECON Industrial ProductsICSPBWCZ.CZ
9.10.18WECON PI Studio HMI software affected by code execution flawsICSPBWCZ.CZ
7.10.18New Splunk IoT Solution Helps Secure ICSICSPBWCZ.CZ
28.9.18No Patches for Critical Flaws in Fuji Electric Servo System, DrivesICSPBWCZ.CZ
25.9.18Threats posed by using RATs in ICSICSPBWCZ.CZ
14.9.18Forcepoint Launches Critical Infrastructure Business UnitICSPBWCZ.CZ
14.9.18Flaws Found in Fuji Electric Tool That Links Corporate PCs to ICSICSPBWCZ.CZ
13.9.18ICS CERT warns of several flaws Fuji Electric Fuji Electric V-ServerICSPBWCZ.CZ
10.9.18The main source of infection on ICS systems was the internet in H1 18ICSPBWCZ.CZ
8.9.18Malware on ICS Increasingly Comes From Internet: KasperskyICSPBWCZ.CZ
6.9.18Flaw in Schneider PLC Allows Significant Disruption to ICSICSPBWCZ.CZ
6.9.18Malware Found on USB Drives Shipped With Schneider Solar ProductsICSPBWCZ.CZ
29.8.18Industrial Cybersecurity Firm Indegy Raises $18 MillionICSPBWCZ.CZ
24.8.18Severe Flaws Found in Yokogawa Switches, Control SystemsICSPBWCZ.CZ
21.8.18Flaws in Emerson Workstations Allow Lateral MovementICSPBWCZ.CZ
13.8.18Critical Flaws Found in NetComm Industrial RoutersICSPBWCZ.CZ
9.8.18Flaws in Siemens Tool Put ICS Environments at RiskICSPBWCZ.CZ
9.8.18Reconnaissance, Lateral Movement Soar in Manufacturing IndustryICSPBWCZ.CZ
7.8.18Honeypot Highlights Danger to ICS Systems From Criminal HackersICSPBWCZ.CZ
22.7.18Industry Reactions to U.S. Indicting 12 Russians for DNC HackICSPBWCZ.CZ
18.7.18Flaws Expose Siemens Protection Relays to DoS AttacksICSPBWCZ.CZ
18.7.18Israeli Firm Radiflow Raises $18 Million to Grow Industrial Cybersecurity BusinessICSPBWCZ.CZ
18.7.18Power Grid Protection Firm SEL Patches Severe Software FlawsICSPBWCZ.CZ
4.7.18Siemens warns of several flaws affecting Central Plant ClocksICSPBWCZ.CZ
25.6.18Rockwell Patches Flaw Affecting Safety Controllers From Several VendorsICSPBWCZ.CZ
17.6.18Two Critical flaws affect Schneider Electric U.motion Builder. Patch them now!ICSPBWCZ.CZ
15.6.18 Siemens Patches Vulnerabilities in SCALANCE, Other DevicesICSPBWCZ.CZ
15.6.18Critical Flaws Patched in Schneider Building Automation SoftwareICSPBWCZ.CZ
12.6.18Crestron Patches Command Injection Flaw in DGE-100 ControllerICSPBWCZ.CZ
11.6.18Critical Flaws Expose ABB Door Communication Systems to AttacksICSPBWCZ.CZ
8.6.18Triton ICS Malware Developed Using Legitimate CodeICSPBWCZ.CZ
8.6.18Serious Flaws Found in Philips Patient Monitoring DevicesICSPBWCZ.CZ
7.6.18Group That Caused Power Outage Stops Focusing Exclusively on UkraineICSPBWCZ.CZ
24.5.18GRIMM Opens Security Research Lab for ICS, Connected VehiclesICSPBWCZ.CZ
21.5.18Critical Flaws Patched in Phoenix Contact Industrial SwitchesICSPBWCZ.CZ
11.5.18OPC UA security analysisICSPBWCZ.CZ
10.5.18Allanite threat actor focused on critical infrastructure is targeting electric utilities and ICS networksICSPBWCZ.CZ
10.5.18'Allanite' Group Targets ICS Networks at Electric Utilities in US, UKICSPBWCZ.CZ
9.5.18Siemens Patches DoS Flaws in Medium Voltage ConvertersICSPBWCZ.CZ
7.5.18Unpatched Flaws Expose Lantech Industrial Device Servers to AttacksICSPBWCZ.CZ
4.5.18Indegy Launches Industrial Security Risk Assessment ServiceICSPBWCZ.CZ
4.5.18Industrial Networks Easy to Hack From Corporate Systems: StudyICSPBWCZ.CZ
4.5.18Schneider Electric Development Tools InduSoft Web Studio and InTouch Machine Edition are affected by a critical buffer flawICSPBWCZ.CZ
4.5.18Schneider Electric Development Tools Affected by Critical FlawICSPBWCZ.CZ
26.4.18Internet Exposure, Flaws Put Industrial Safety Controllers at Risk of AttacksICSPBWCZ.CZ
23.4.18Researchers Analyze Servers Compromised by Russian HackersICSPBWCZ.CZ
18.4.18Security Pros at Energy Firms Concerned About 'Catastrophic' AttacksICSPBWCZ.CZ
16.4.18Talos experts found many high severity flaws in Moxa EDR-810 industrial routersICSPBWCZ.CZ
16.4.18Severe Flaws Expose Moxa Industrial Routers to AttacksICSPBWCZ.CZ
13.4.18Mocana Launches Supply Chain Integrity Platform to Secure IoT, ICS DevicesICSPBWCZ.CZ
12.4.18Researchers discovered several flaws that expose electrical substations to hackICSPBWCZ.CZ
12.4.18Electrical Substations Exposed to Attacks by Flaws in Siemens DevicesICSPBWCZ.CZ
9.4.18Schneider Electric Patches 16 Flaws in Building Automation SoftwareICSPBWCZ.CZ

Many natural gas pipeline operators in the U.S. Gas affected by cyberattack

30.3.18Severe Vulnerabilities Expose MicroLogix PLCs to AttacksICSPBWCZ.CZ
27.3.18Threat Landscape for Industrial Automation Systems in H2 17ICSPBWCZ.CZ
26.3.18Energy Sector Most Impacted by ICS Flaws, Attacks: StudyICSPBWCZ.CZ
1.3.18Five Threat Groups Target Industrial Systems: DragosICSPBWCZ.CZ
1.3.18 Public Advisories Fail to Convey True Impact of ICS FlawsICSPBWCZ.CZ
14.2.18Schneider Electric Patches Several Flaws in IGSS ProductsICSPBWCZ.CZ
2.2.18Web Server Used in 100 ICS Products Affected by Critical FlawICSPBWCZ.CZ
2.2.18Hundreds of ICS products affected by a critical flaw in CODESYS WebVisuICSPBWCZ.CZ
2.2.18Increasing Number of Industrial Systems Accessible From Web: StudyICSPBWCZ.CZ