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18.12.17 French Aerospace Giant Thales Acquires SIM Maker Gemalto Mobil PBWCZ.CZ
8.12.17 Major Banking Applications were found vulnerable to MiTM attacks over SSL Mobil PBWCZ.CZ
8.12.17 Massive Breach Exposes Keyboard App that Collects Personal Data On Its 31 Million Users Mobil PBWCZ.CZ
6.12.17 Mobile Response to Security Alerts Allows Immediate Action Anywhere, Anytime Mobil PBWCZ.CZ
1.12.17 Police vs Privacy: US Supreme Court Looks at Cell Phone Tracking Mobil PBWCZ.CZ
29.11.17 Samsung Adopts Bugcrowd to Manage Mobile Security Rewards Program Mobil PBWCZ.CZ
29.11.17 Privacy Rights in Balance as Supreme Court Hears Cellphone Tracking Case Mobil PBWCZ.CZ
15.11.17 A Backdoor in OnePlus devices allows root access without unlocking bootloader Mobil PBWCZ.CZ
14.11.17 Cloudflare Acquires Mobile App Specialist Neumob Mobil PBWCZ.CZ
13.11.17 Phony WhatsApp used Unicode to slip under Google’s radar Mobil PBWCZ.CZ
9.11.17 Twilio Credentials Hardcoded in Mobile Apps Expose Calls, Texts Mobil PBWCZ.CZ
15.10.17 High-Tech Bridge Launches Free Service for Testing Mobile Apps Mobil PBWCZ.CZ
10.10.17 4G/5G Wireless Networks as Vulnerable as WiFi and putting SmartCities at Risk Mobil PBWCZ.CZ
4.10.17 Which are most frequently blacklisted apps by enterprises? Mobil PBWCZ.CZ
19.9.17 Researchers demonstrate how to steal Bitcoin by exploiting SS7 issues Mobil PBWCZ.CZ
6.9.17 Boffins found multiple flaws in Mobile Bootloaders using custom tool BootStomp Mobil PBWCZ.CZ
21.8.17 Hackers Can Hijack Phones via Replacement Screens: Researchers Mobil PBWCZ.CZ
11.8.17 Cyberattack Leaves Millions Without Mobile Phone Service in Venezuela Mobil PBWCZ.CZ
2.8.17Amazon Suspends Sales of BLU Smartphones Over Security, Privacy Concerns Mobil PBWCZ.CZ
23.7.17 THN Weekly Roundup — 10 Most Important Stories You Shouldn't Miss Mobil PBWCZ.CZ
20.7.17 Black Hat is coming and with it a good reason to update your “Broadcom-based” devices Mobil PBWCZ.CZ
10.7.17 Satellite Phone Encryption Calls Can be Cracked in Fractions of a Second Mobil PBWCZ.CZ
10.7.17 Researchers Decrypt Satellite Phone Communication in Real-Time Mobil PBWCZ.CZ
4.7.17 How to chain flaws in Lenovo VIBE smartphones to gain root privileges Mobil PBWCZ.CZ
3.7.17 Local Root Exploit Found on Lenovo Smartphone Mobil PBWCZ.CZ
11.6.17 Critical kernel command line injection flaw found in Motorola handsets MOTO G4, G5 Mobil PBWCZ.CZ
1.6.17 Enterprise Mobile Apps Expose Sensitive Data via Backend Systems Mobil PBWCZ.CZ
25.5.17 Samsung Investigating Galaxy S8 'Iris Hack' Mobil PBWCZ.CZ
24.5.17 Hackers Defeat Samsung Galaxy S8 Iris Scanner Mobil PBWCZ.CZ

CEOs and Coffee Shops Are Mobile Computing's Biggest Risks: Report


Verizon Messages App Allowed XSS Attacks Over SMS

22.5.17 Ztorg: money for infecting your smartphone Mobil PBWCZ.CZ
12.5.17 Dutch Police Seize Another Company that Sells PGP-Encrypted Blackberry Phones Mobil PBWCZ.CZ
5.5.17 Hackers are stealing money from Bank accounts in Germany by exploiting flaws in #SS7 protocol Mobil PBWCZ.CZ
5.5.207 Hackers Exploit SS7 Flaws to Loot Bank Accounts Mobil PBWCZ.CZ
4.5.17 Real-World SS7 Attack — Hackers Are Stealing Money From Bank Accounts Mobil PBWCZ.CZ
4.5.17Hundreds of Apps Using Ultrasonic Signals to Silently Track Smartphone Users Mobil PBWCZ.CZ
29.4.17 Insecure Apps that Open Ports Leave Millions of Smartphones at Risk of Hacking Mobil PBWCZ.CZ
27.4.17 Security vulnerabilities in Hyundai Blue Link mobile app allowed hackers to steal vehicles Mobil PBWCZ.CZ
20.4.17 Exfiltrating data from laptop and smartphones via ambient light sensors Mobil PBWCZ.CZ
11.4.17 Hackers Can Steal Your Passwords Just by Monitoring SmartPhone Sensors Mobil PBWCZ.CZ
5.4.17 Millions Of Smartphones Using Broadcom Wi-Fi Chip Can Be Hacked Over-the-Air Mobil PBWCZ.CZ
31.3.17 Samsung Galaxy S8 facial recognition system to unlock the device can be bypassed with a photo Mobil PBWCZ.CZ
13.3.17 Flaws in MAC address randomization implemented by vendors allow mobile tracking Mobil PBWCZ.CZ
11.3.17 Ennetcom – Dutch Police confirmed to have decrypted BlackBerry PGP messages in a criminal case Mobil PBWCZ.CZ
10.3.17 MAC Randomization Flaws Expose Phones to Tracking Mobil PBWCZ.CZ
3.3.17 Backdoor Found in DBLTek GSM Gateways Mobil PBWCZ.CZ
2.3.17 Mobile malware evolution 16 Mobil PBWCZ.CZ
28.2.17 Prisons and Courts Bill allows mobile networks to deploy IMSI catchers outside of prisons Mobil PBWCZ.CZ
18.2.17 Mobile apps and stealing a connected car Mobil PBWCZ.CZ
14.2.17 Senators want more info on Trump’s personal phone and its defense Mobil PBWCZ.CZ
14.2.17 Senators Launch Query on Trump's Smartphone Security Mobil PBWCZ.CZ
10.2.17 Every website that uses jQuery Mobile, and has any open redirect is vulnerable to XSS Mobil PBWCZ.CZ
4.2.17 Hacker leaked tools stolen from mobile forensics company Cellebrite Mobil PBWCZ.CZ
13.1.17 Phone-Hacking Firm Cellebrite Got Hacked; 900GB Of Data Stolen Mobil PBWCZ.CZ
13.1.17 Israeli mobile phone data extraction company Cellebrite was hacked Mobil PBWCZ.CZ