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User Confidence in Smartphone Security Abysmal



19.11.18Smartphones: A Double-edged Sword for Terrorists Mobil PBWCZ.CZ
14.11.18New Cloudflare DNS App Brings Increased Privacy for Mobile Devices Mobil PBWCZ.CZ
31.8.18 Hackers Hit Air Canada Mobile App Mobil PBWCZ.CZ
2.8.18 A study of car sharing apps Mobil PBWCZ.CZ
19.7.18 Researchers show how to manipulate road navigation systems with low-cost devices Mobil PBWCZ.CZ
19.7.18 How crooks conduct Money Laundering operations through mobile games Mobil PBWCZ.CZ
3.7.18 A Samsung Texting App bug is sending random photos to contacts Mobil PBWCZ.CZ

One more reason to hate your cellphone battery when it sends private data to the bad actors

21.6.18 Thousands of Mobile Apps Leak Data from Firebase Databases Mobil PBWCZ.CZ
16.4.18 TrueMove H, the biggest 4G mobile operator in Thailand suffered a data leak Mobil PBWCZ.CZ
13.3.18 Blocking of Broadcom-Qualcomm Tie-up Highlights 5G Security Fears Mobil PBWCZ.CZ
10.3.18 Mobile malware evolution 17 Mobil PBWCZ.CZ
9.3.18 Mobile Malware Attacks Surged in 17: Kaspersky Mobil PBWCZ.CZ
7.3.18 New 4G LTE Network Attacks Let Hackers Spy, Track, Spoof and Spam Mobil PBWCZ.CZ
6.3.18 Researchers Devise New Attacks Against 4G LTE Mobile Networks Mobil PBWCZ.CZ
6.3.18 Mobile Banking Trojans Targeting Crypto-Currencies Mobil PBWCZ.CZ
5.3.18 New attacks on 4G LTE networks can allow to spy on users and spoof emergency alerts Mobil PBWCZ.CZ
20.2.18 SIM Hijacking – T-Mobile customers were victims an info disclosure exploit Mobil PBWCZ.CZ
7.2.18 The Argument Against a Mobile Device Backdoor for Government Mobil PBWCZ.CZ
27.1.18 PCI Council Introduces New Standard for Mobile Card Payments Mobil PBWCZ.CZ
19.1.18 Booby-Trapped Messaging Apps Used for Spying: Researchers Mobil PBWCZ.CZ
11.1.18 Security Flaws Found in Majority of SCADA Mobile Apps Mobil PBWCZ.CZ
1.1.18 WeChat is set to become China’s official electronic ID system Mobil PBWCZ.CZ