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3.1.17 Many GPS Tracking Services Expose User Location, Other Data Privacy PBWCZ.CZ
9.12.17 Onapsis Helps SAP Customers Check GDPR Compliance Privacy PBWCZ.CZ
30.11.17 Court Investigating Whether Uber Connived to Cover its Tracks Privacy PBWCZ.CZ
13.11.17 Privacy Fears Over Artificial Intelligence as Crimestopper Privacy PBWCZ.CZ
2.11.17 Website Blindspots Show GDPR is a Global Game Changer Privacy PBWCZ.CZ
2.11.17 Standalone Signal Desktop Messaging App Released Privacy PBWCZ.CZ
1.11.17 Firefox to Block Canvas-based Browser Fingerprinting Privacy PBWCZ.CZ
31.10.17 Firefox 58 to Block Canvas Browser Fingerprinting By Default to Stop Online Tracking Privacy PBWCZ.CZ
31.10.17 Investigation Underway at Heathrow Airport After USB Drive Containing Sensitive Security Documents Found on Sidewalk Privacy PBWCZ.CZ
30.10.17 Heathrow Probes How Security Data Found on London Street Privacy PBWCZ.CZ
24.10.17 EU ePrivacy Regulation Edges Closer to Fruition Privacy PBWCZ.CZ
21.9.17 Symantec's Latest DLP Offering Aids GDPR Compliance Privacy PBWCZ.CZ
18.9.17 Windows 10 Users to Get Improved Privacy Controls Privacy PBWCZ.CZ
12.9.17 Spain Facebook slapped with 1.2M fine for violating data protection regulations Privacy PBWCZ.CZ
8.8.17 UK Introduces Data Protection Bill to Replace GDPR After Brexit Privacy PBWCZ.CZ
8.8.17 Hotspot Shield VPN Accused of Spying On Its Users' Web Traffic Privacy PBWCZ.CZ
27.7.17 Smart Vacuum Cleaners Making Map Of Your Home And Wants to Sell It Privacy PBWCZ.CZ
25.7.17 32M Becomes First-Ever Company to Implant Micro-Chips in Employees Privacy PBWCZ.CZ
10.7.17 75 Percent of U.S. Companies Think GDPR Doesn't Apply to Them Privacy PBWCZ.CZ
4.7.17 Microsoft Forces Users to Review Windows 10 Privacy Settings Privacy PBWCZ.CZ
3.7.17 French Regulator Accepts Microsoft's Data Protection Improvements to Windows 10 Privacy PBWCZ.CZ

Google's $2.73 Billion Fine Demonstrates Importance of GDPR Compliance

Privacy PBWCZ.CZ

Google Stops Scanning Gmail Content for Ad Targeting

Privacy PBWCZ.CZ

Kantara Initiative Releases Consent Receipt Form for GDPR

Privacy PBWCZ.CZ
30.5.17 With Less Than 1 Year To Go Companies Place Different Priorities on GDPR Compliance Privacy PBWCZ.CZ
26.5.17 Survey Shows Disparity in GDPR Preparedness and Concerns Privacy PBWCZ.CZ

Consent Control and eDiscovery: Devils in GDPR Detail

Privacy PBWCZ.CZ
4.5.17 eDiscovery - An Enterprise Issue That Can't be Ignored Privacy PBWCZ.CZ
7.4.17 European Parliament Slams Privacy Shield Privacy PBWCZ.CZ
6.4.17 Microsoft Details Data Collection in Windows 10 Creators Update Privacy PBWCZ.CZ
6.4.17 Microsoft Finally Reveals What Data Windows 10 Collects From Your PC Privacy PBWCZ.CZ
4.4.17 Kantara Initiative Assists With EU Privacy and GDPR Issues Privacy PBWCZ.CZ
31.3.17 Telegram Messenger Adds AI-powered Encrypted Voice Calls Privacy PBWCZ.CZ

Could Killing of FCC Privacy Rules Lead to End of Net Neutrality?

Privacy PBWCZ.CZ
21.3.17 Searching for Leaked Celebrity Photos? Don't Blindly Click that Fappening Link! Privacy PBWCZ.CZ
2.2.17 WhatsApp may let you Recall Sent Messages and Track Friends Location in Realtime Privacy PBWCZ.CZ