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SimBad: A Rogue Adware Campaign On Google Play Check Point researchers from the Mobile Threat Team have discovered a new adware campaign on the Google Play Store. This particular strain of Adware was found in 206 applications, and the combined download count has reached almost 150 million. Google was swiftly notified and removed the infected applications from the Google Play Store. OS Blog Checkpoint


Operation Sheep: Pilfer-Analytics SDK in Action

Check Point Research has recently discovered a group of Android applications massively harvesting contact information on mobile phones without the user’s consent. The data stealing logic hides inside a data analytics Software Development Kit (SDK) seen in up to 12 different mobile applications and has so far been downloaded over 111 million times. OS Blog Checkpoint


Android Messaging: A Few Bugs Short of a Chain About a year and a half ago, I did some research into Android messaging and mail clients. At the time, I didn’t blog about it, because though I found bugs, I wasn’t able to assemble them into a credible attack. However, in the spirit of writing about research that didn’t go as expected, I have decided to share it now. I think there is something interesting to learn about the impact of design choices on security from this research. OS Blog Project Zero


MacOS Malware Pedia With a massive growth in new malware and infections, MacOS security awareness is now more important than ever, and yet many people believe that if they are using MacOS they are “safe” and should not be concerned about getting infected. Even though malware for MacOS is years behind Windows malware in the sense of sophistication, complexity, number of infections and more, MacOS malware is becoming more sophisticated as time goes by. OS Blog


3.3.19 Google aims for password-free app and site logins on Android With FIDO2 certification for Android, Google is setting the stage for password-less app and website sign-ins on a billion devices OS Blog



Google – “Here’s how we cracked down on bad apps last year” Apps downloaded from Google Play were eight times less likely to compromise a device than apps from other sources OS Blog


17.2.19 Apple to pay teenager who uncovered FaceTime bug The decision to award the bug has been welcomed but one security researcher has said that they need to do more to compensate those who find bugs OS Blog