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TRITON Actor TTP Profile, Custom Attack Tools, Detections, and ATT&CK Mapping

FireEye can now confirm that we have uncovered and are responding to an additional intrusion by the attacker behind TRITON at a different critical infrastructure facility.

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17.2.19 What you can learn from Cisco Talos’ new oil pumpjack workshop Every day, more industrial control systems (ICS) become vulnerable to cyber attacks. As these massive, critical machines become more interconnected to networks, it increases the ways in which attackers could disrupt their operations and makes it tougher for those who protect organizations' networks to cover all possible attack vectors. ICS blog Cisco Talos

Target targeted: Five years on from a breach that shook the cybersecurity industry

In December 2013 news broke that Target suffered a breach that forced consumers and the cybersecurity community to question the security practices of retailers

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25.10.18 ICS Tactical Security Trends: Analysis of the Most Frequent Security Risks Observed in the Field FireEye compiled data to identify the most pervasive and highest priority security risks in industrial facilities. ICS blog FireEye