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12.3.19 Over 2 billion records exposed by email marketing firm Asian game developers again targeted in supply-chain attacks distributing malware in legitimately signed software Incident blog


3.3.19 How to spot if your password was stolen in a security breach Following the revelation that a list containing millions of stolen usernames and passwords had appeared online, we tell you a few different ways to find out if your credentials were stolen in that—or any other—security breach Incident blog



Four new caches of stolen logins put Collection #1 in the shade

The recently discovered tranches of stolen login credentials freely floating around the internet total 2.2 billion records

Incident blog


28.1.19 Collection 1 data breach: what you need to know In what's being dubbed one of the largest data dumps in history, Collection 1 contains the data of over 770 million people. But is it really as bad as it sounds? We take a closer look and let users know what to do if their info is caught up in the mix.Incident blog Malwarebytes
21.1.19 773 million email IDs, 21 million passwords for anyone to see in massive data dump The vast dossier of login details appears to have been gathered from data stolen in many breachesIncident blog Eset
20.12.18 NASA fears hackers may have stolen employee data A probe launched immediately after the discovery of the suspected incident has yet to establish the scale of the potential damageIncident blog Eset
15.12.18 Data scraping treasure trove found in the wild 3 large databases containing scraped content landed in front of security researchers. How bad is it?Incident blog Malwarebytes
4.12.18 Scam iOS apps promise fitness, steal money instead Fitness-tracking apps use dodgy in-app payments to steal money from unaware iPhone and iPad usersIncident blog


1.12.18 Marriott Starwood data breach: 5 defensive steps travelers should take now Defensive steps for Marriott Starwood guests worried their personal information may have been compromised by the massive data breachIncident blog Eset