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2018 in Snort Rules

The cybersecurity field shifted quite a bit in 2018. With the boom of cryptocurrency, we saw a transition from ransomware to cryptocurrency miners. Talos researchers identified APT campaigns including VPNFilter, predominantly affecting small business and home office networking equipment, as well as Olympic Destroyer, apparently designed to disrupt the Winter Olympics. 

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Cisco Talos


Google rolls out Chrome extension to warn you about compromised logins

The new tool aims to help in an age when billions of login credentials are floating around the internet

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28.1.19Has two-factor authentication been defeated? A spotlight on 2FA’s latest challengeWhile many tech-savvy folks are familiar with two-factor authentication (2FA), more are unaware that there are several ways around it. A tool called Modlishka, the English pronunciation for the Polish word for "mantis," is the latest in this listSafety blogMalwarebytes
23.11.18Who needs passwords? Microsoft now lets you in with your face or security keyThe software giant takes passwords one step closer to obsolescence as it now enables users to log into their Microsoft accounts with more modern forms of authenticationSafety blogEset