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9.1.19CES – singularity and securing the carWhat's in store for automotive security once cars morph into mobile living rooms and working spaces? And how about transportation at large?Security blogEset
9.1.19What is threat cumulativity and what does it mean for digital security?A reflection on how acknowledging the cumulative nature of cyber-threats and understanding its implications can benefit our digital securitySecurity blogEset
1.1.19What should you do with your old devicesDisposal of old tech requires thought and effort and the need to cleanse the device of any personal data is just one of the concernsSecurity blogEset
21.12.18SPARE: Five tips for a safer online shopping experienceThere is still some time left to pick up some last-minute shopping before it’s too late but in the rush to do so don’t forget to do it safelySecurity blogEset
21.12.18Spaceballs Security: The Top Attacked Usernames and PasswordsWhat attackers spend their time and energy on attacking, and how they attack it, is the best indication of what works for them. Outside of targeted attacks for specific espionage, hacktivism, or warfare purposes, cybercrime is a volume game.Security blogF5 Labs

The most popular passwords of 2018 revealed: Are yours on the list?

Besides the usual suspects among the worst of passwords, a handful of notable – but similarly poor – choices make their debuts

Security blogEset
12.12.18Data scraping treasure trove found in the wildWe bring word of yet more data exposure, in the form of “nonsensitive” data scraping to the tune of 66m records across 3 large databases. The information was apparently scraped from various sources and left to gather dust, for anyone lucky enough to stumble upon it.Security blogMalwarebytes
5.12.18An introduction to offensive capabilities of Active Directory on UNIXIn preparation for our talk at Black Hat Europe, Security Advisory EMEAR would like to share the background on our recent research into some common Active Directory integration solutions. Just as with Windows, these solutions can be utilized to join UNIX infrastructure to enterprises' Active Directory forests.Security blogCisco Talos
30.11.18Cyber Security Predictions: 2019 and BeyondAs you think about how to deploy in advance of a new year of cyber threats, here are the trends and activities most likely to affect your organizationSecurity blogSymantec
30.11.18Digital Takeaways From the Supreme Court FightIt’s always interesting to watch how the ongoing digital transformation of our lives is changing the world in ways we never would have anticipated years ago. Financial information, social interactions, even our physical locations may be up for grabs in cyberspace, with real-world ramifications.Security blogF5 Labs
30.11.18Reviewing Recent API Security IncidentsIn the 18 Application Protection Report, we mentioned the potential vulnerabilities associated with application programming interfaces (APIs). These APIs specify how various application components and clients should autonomously interact with each other to deliver the application experience.Security blogF5 Labs
30.11.18Don’t Accept Risk With a Pocket VetoWe who live risk management know there are four responses when confronted with a credible risk to our organizations. We can treat the risk to reduce it. We can avoid the risk by altering our organization’s behavior.Security blogF5 Labs
30.11.18Obfuscated Command Line Detection Using Machine LearningThis blog post presents a machine learning approach to detecting obfuscated Windows command line invocations on endpoints.Security blogFireEye
30.10.18Symantec’s Latest Intelligence Page: Your Weather Report for the Threat LandscapeWe've revamped the Latest Intelligence page with new metrics and a new look.Security blogSymantec
25.10.1818 Flare-On Challenge SolutionsThe fifth annual Flare-On Challenge is over, with 114 finishers out of 4,893 registrants.Security blogFireEye


SiliVaccine: Inside North Korea’s Anti-VirusBy: Mark Lechtik and Michael Kajiloti Revealed: In an exclusive piece of research, Check Point Researchers have carried out a revealing investigation into North Korea’s home-grown anti-virus software, SiliVaccine. One of several interesting.Security blog


30.7.18Check Point’s 18 Security Report2017 was a pivotal year that surprised many in the IT security industry. From the resurgence of destructive ransomware, IoT botnets, data breaches and mobile malware to full scale nation state attacks, it isSecurity blog



Tribute to Kris KasperskyJust over a year ago one of the greatest minds in the cyber research world sadly passed away. Born in the small Russian village of Uspenskoye, Kris Kaspersky, originally named Nikolay Likhachev, suffered.Security blogCheckpoint
30.7.18Check Point Mobile Research Team Looks Back On 2017The mobile world is extremely dynamic and changes rapidly, so it’s always a little hectic to follow its lead. For this reason, we try to stop every once in a while and take.Security blogCheckpoint