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12.3.19 Gaming industry still in the scope of attackers in Asia The repository of email addresses and other records would offer a gold mine of data for scammers Spam blog


3.3.19 DJ Marshmello concert on Fortnite: An iconic event that also attracted scammers The first virtual concert to take place inside a video game attracted interest not only from players but also from scammers, who tried to take advantage of the huge event by tricking users into buying tickets even though the concert was free Spam blog


3.3.19 How costly are sweetheart swindles? And that’s on top of the heartache experienced by the tens of thousands of people who fall for romance scams each year Spam blog


17.2.19 Attack at email provider wipes out almost two decades’ worth of data Instead of financial gain or other, more usual, goals, the attacker leaves ‘scorched digital earth’ behind Spam blog


17.2.19 When love becomes a nightmare: Online dating scams Roses are red, violets are blue, watch out for these scams or it may happen to you Spam blog



Tech Support Scams Now Get Users to Install Potentially Unwanted Apps

Tech support scams continue to prey on unwitting victims. We have seen in recent months how these scams are constantly evolving, from the use of call optimization to the use of Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) and a multi-level obfuscation scheme.

Spam blog



“Love you” malspam gets a makeover for massive Japan-targeted campaign

ESET researchers have detected a substantial new wave of the “Love you” malspam campaign, updated to target Japan and spread GandCrab 5.1

Spam blog


9.1.19 This Netflix-themed scam prompts FTC to issue warning The message starts off with the kind of information that is apt to send shivers down the spines of many binge-watchersSpam blog Eset
16.12.18 How to protect yourself as the threat of scam apps grows As the threat of bogus apps continues, what can we do to protect ourselves against these fraudulent practices?Spam blog Eset
30.11.18 Operation Eversion: Eight Indicted in Law Enforcement Takedown Symantec part of industry group that assisted FBI-led takedown against 3ve ad-fraud scam.Spam blog Symantec
30.11.18 Tech Support Scams Increasing in Complexity – Part 3 Scammers make use of multiple encoding techniques at one go to create a multiple-level obfuscated scam.Spam blog Symantec
9.11.18 Emotet launches major new spam campaign The recent spike in Emotet activity shows that it remains an active threat.Spam blog Eset


Necurs is Back, Just in Time for Easter After a drastic decline in the volume of spam coming from the Necurs spambot observed by Check Point Telemetry in the past month, the infamous botnet is back once again and is spreading.Spam blog Checkpoint