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Protect your organization with superior threat response solutions
As the number and variety of cyber threats continues to expand, organizations need sophisticated threat response solutions to protect against attacks that can cause significant damage. With the rise of ransomware, spear-phishing and impersonation attacks, virus protection alone is not enough to stop cyber criminals from breaching corporate defenses, accessing user accounts, stealing intellectual property or exposing sensitive information. Today's threat response solutions must also address the increasing number of malicious insider threats, from data leaks to attacks launched by users inside an organization.

When choosing a threat response solutions provider, organizations can adopt multiple best-of-breed technologies that address each category of cyberattack. But this multi-vendor approach can add significant cost and complexity to the task of managing threat response solutions. That's why, when seeking a partner for superior cyber protection, more organizations today choose the all-in-one cloud security services from Mimecast.

Protect your organization with superior threat response solutions
Threat response solutions from Mimecast
Mimecast's cloud-based subscription service provides email security, archiving and continuity solutions that enable organizations to simplify email management while implementing threat response solutions to provide maximum protection against an evolving threat landscape. As a SaaS email security service, Mimecast's threat response solutions can be implemented immediately without capital costs or lead time for procuring and installing hardware and software. The Mimecast Security Operations Center (MSOC), a team of globally distributed analysts and security researchers, provides 24/7 monitoring across billions of emails to deliver up-to-the-minute threat intelligence and constantly upgrade Mimecast's threat response solutions.

Threat response solutions from Mimecast
Comprehensive threat response solutions for sophisticated attacks
Threat response solutions from Mimecast include protection against:

Malicious URLs. Mimecast scans links in email in real-time to detect, block or rewrite URLs when links are determined to be malicious or suspicious.
Weaponized attachments. Mimecast performs deep inspection analytics on attachments and blocks, rewrites or sandboxes suspicious files.
Impersonation. Mimecast scans inbound email to detect domain similarity, header anomalies and other tell-tale signs of an impersonation attack.
Insider threats. Mimecast scans attachments and URLs in internal email to identify malicious links, malware and other threats as well as potential leaks, both inadvertent and malicious.
Viruses, malware and spam. Mimecast uses sophisticated, multi-layered detection engines to stop these threats at the gateway.
In addition to these threat response solutions, Mimecast provides information protection solutions that include a Secure Messaging Service, a Large File Send Service, and Content Control & DLP services.

Learn more about Mimecast's threat response solutions, as well as solutions for DMARC compliance.