CyCon 2018



CyCon_2018_Full_Book.pdfArt 01 Rethinking the Data Wheel- Automating Open- Access, Public Data on Cyber Conflict.pdfArt 02 The Cyber Deterrence Problem.pdfArt 03 Offensive Cyber Capabilities. To What Ends.pdfArt 04 Understanding and Countering Cyber Coercion.pdfArt 05 Targeting Technology. Mapping Military Offensive Network Operations.pdfArt 06 Drawing Inferences from Cyber Espionage.pdfArt 07 The Topography of Cyberspace and Its Consequences for Operations.pdfArt 08 Net Neutrality in the Context of Cyber Warfare.pdfArt 09 The Cyber Decade. Cyber Defence at a X-ing Point.pdfArt 10 Aladdins Lamp. The Theft and Re-weaponization of Malicious Code.pdfArt 11 Cyber Law and Espionage Law as Communicating Vessels.pdfArt 12 Internet Intermediaries and Counter-Terrorism. Between Self-Regulation and Outsourcing Law Enforcement.pdfArt 13 From Grey Zone to Customary International Law. How Adopting the Precautionary Principle May Help Crystallize the Due Diligence Principle in Cyberspace.pdfArt 14 Pressing Pause. A New Approach for International Cybersecurity Norm Development.pdfArt 15 Developing Collaborative and Cohesive Cybersecurity Legal Principles.pdfArt 16 Utilizing Air Traffic Communications for OSINT on State and Government Aircraft.pdfArt 17 FeedRank. A Tamperresistant Method for the Ranking of Cyber Threat Intelligence Feeds.pdfArt 18 HTTP Security Headers Analysis of Top One Million Websites.pdfArt 19 On the Effectiveness of Machine and Deep Learning for Cyber Security.pdfArt 20 Screen Watermarking for Data Theft Investigation and Attribution.pdfArt 21 Neural Network and Blockchain Based Technique for Cyber Threat Intelligence and Situational Awareness.pdfArt 22 Mission-Focused Cyber Situational Understanding via Graph Analytics.pdf