CyCon 2013



Full bookMichael N. Covington and Rush Carskadden "Threat Implications of the Internet of Things"Alessandro Guarino "Autonomous Intelligent Agents in Cyber Offence"Gabriel Jakobson "Mission-Centricity in Cyber Security: Architecting Cyber Attack Resilient Missions"Jorge L. Hernandez-Ardieta, Juan E. Tapiador, Guillermo Suarez-Tangil "Information Sharing Models for Cooperative Cyber Defence"Igor Kotenko and Andrey Chechulin "A Cyber Attack Modeling and Impact Assessment Framework"Gregory Conti, John Nelson, David Raymond "Towards a Cyber Common Operating Picture"Jeffrey L. Caton "Exploring the Prudent Limits of Automated Cyber Attack"David Raymond et al. "A Control Measure Framework to Limit Collateral Damage and Propagation of Cyber Weapons"Shannon Vallor "The Future of Military Virtue: Autonomous Systems and the Moral Deskilling of the Military"Scott D. Applegate "The Dawn of Kinetic Cyber"Janine S. Hiller "Legal Aspects of a Cyber Immune System"Jody M. Prescott "Autonomous Decision-Making Processes and the Responsible Cyber Commander"William Boothby "Cyber Deception and Autonomous Attack Is There a Legal Problem?"John P. Sullins "An Ethical Analysis of the Case for Robotic Weapons Arms Control"Owen McCusker et al. "Deriving Behavior Primitives from Aggregate Network Features using Support Vector Machines"Robert Koch and Mario Golling "Architecture for Evaluating and Correlating NIDS in Real - World Networks"Kaarel Kalm "Illicit Network Structures in Cyberspace"Barry Irwin "A Baseline Study of Potentially Malicious Activity Across Five Network Telescopes"Daniel Plohmann, Sebastian Eschweiler, Elmar Gerhards-Padilla "Patterns of a Cooperative Malware Analysis Workflow"Jeffrey L. Caton "Complexity and Emergence in Ultra-Tactical Cyberspace Operations"Alexander Smirnov et al. "Context-based Access Control Model for Smart Space"Keir Giles and William Hagestad II "Divided by a Common Language: Cyber Definitions in Chinese, Russian and English"Scott D. Applegate and Angelos Stavrou "Towards a Cyber Conflict Taxonomy"Emilio Iasiello "Cyber Attack: A Dull Tool to Shape Foreign Policy"Luc Dandurand and Oscar Serrano Serrano "Towards Improved Cyber Security Information Sharing"Kim Hartmann and Christoph Steup "The Vulnerability of UAVs to Cyber Attacks - An Approach to the Risk Assessment"