CyCon 2015



Full BookArt 01 Acheiving Cyberdeterrence and the Ability of Small States to Hold Large States at Risk.pdfArt 02 Cyberwar, Netwar, and the Future of Cyberdefence.pdfArt 03 Russian Information Warfare of 2014.pdfArt 04 Technological Sovereignity - Missing the Point.pdfArt 05 Civil-Military Relations and International Military Cooperation in Cyber Security.pdfArt 06 Anticipatory and Preemptive Self-Defense in Cyberspace - The Challenge of Imminence.pdfArt 07 Law of the Horse to Law of the Submarine - The Future of State Behavior in Cyberspace.pdfArt 08 Multilateral Legal Responses to Cyber Security in Africa - Any Hope for Effective International Cooperation.pdfArt 09 Dealing with Cyber Security Threats - International Cooperation, ITU, and WCIT.pdfArt 10 Visual Structures for Seeing Cyber Policy Strategies.pdfArt 11 Strategic Anti-Access - Area Denial in Cyberspace.pdfArt 12 Blackout and Now. Network Centric Warfare in an Anti-Access Area-Denial Theatre.pdfArt 13 Supporting Sense-Making and Decision-Making Through Time Evolution Analysis of Open Sources.pdfArt 14 A Renewed Approach to Serious Games for Cyber Security.pdfArt 15 Exfiltrations Using Polymorphic Blending Techniques - Analysis and Countermeasures.pdfArt 16 Attacking the Baseband Modem of Breach the Users Privacy and Network Security.pdf