CyCon 2016



Full bookArt 01 Assessing Cyber Power.pdfArt 02 Hard Power in Cyberspace - CNA as a Political Means.pdfArt 03 Winning and losing in Cyberspace.pdfArt 04 Towards a Theory of Cyber Power - the Israeli Experience with Innovation and Strategy.pdfArt 05 The Cyber-Doom Effect - The Impact of Fear Appeals in the US Cyber Security Debate.pdfArt 06 Determing Extremist Organizations' Likelihood of Conducting Cyber Attacks.pdfArt 07 The Social Side of 'Cyber Power'. Social Media and Cyber Operations.pdfArt 08 Influence Cyber Operations - The Use of Cyberattacks in Support of Influence Operations.pdfArt 09 Is the International Law of Cyber Security in Crisis.pdfArt 10 Conceptualising Cyber Arms Races.pdfArt 11 Arms Control in Cyberspace.pdfArt 12 Weapons Systems and Cyber Security - A Challenging Union.pdfArt 13 UAV Exploitation - A New Domain for Cyber Power.pdfArt 14 Assessing the Impact of Aviation Security on Cyber Power.pdfArt 15 Countering Advanced Persistent Threats through Security Intelligence and Big Data Analytics.pdfArt 16 Anonymity Networks and Access to Information During Conflicts - Towards a Distributed Network Organisation.pdfArt 17 We Know Where You Are!.pdf