CyCon 2017



Full bookArt 01 The Coming of Cyber Espionage Norms.pdfArt 02 Organisational Integration of Offensive Cyber Capabilities.pdfArt 03 Mission Assurance - Shifting the Focus of Cyber Defence.pdfArt 04 Core Illumination - Traffic Analysis in Cyberspace.pdfArt 05 Trading Privacy for Security in Cyberspace - A Study Across the Dynamics of US Federal Laws and Regulations.pdfArt 06 The Role of International Human Rights Law in the Protection of Online Privacy in the Age of Surveillance.pdfArt 07 The Misuse of Protected Indicators in Cyberspace - Defending a Core Aspect of International Humanitarian Law.pdfArt 08 The Extension of the Period for Direct Participation in Hostilities Due to Autonomous Cyber Weapons.pdfArt 09 The Impact of the Development of the Cyber Law of War on General International Law.pdfArt 10 Toward a New Lex Specialis Governing State Responsibility for Third Party Cyber Incidents.pdfArt 11 Defending the Grid - Backfitting Non-Expandable Control Systems.pdfArt 12 Crowdsourcing Security for Wireless Air Traffic Communications.pdfArt 13 Scalable Architecture for Online Prioritisation of Cyber Threats.pdfArt 14 On the Security of the Blockchain BIX Protocol and Certificates.pdf