The hacktivist group New World Hackers is currently targeting the capital and most populous city of Utah, Salt Lake City, as part of a new operation, OpAbdiMohamed. New World Hackers, the same group involved in OpAfrica, is now relying on cyber-assaults to bring attention to the shooting of a teenage boy, Abdi Mohamed.i Abdi Mohamed is a 17-year-old that was shot by Salt Lake City police while holding a broomstick.


Figure 1: SLC Airport website down


On the morning on March 13, 2016, the New World Hackers (NWH) began OpAbdiMohamed via a series of DDoS attacks on several targets in and around Salt Lake City area, including the SLC police department, SLC airport and Regions bankii. NWH claim that they have more major attacks planned for this operation and will be launching these attacks as soon as tonight, March 14th 2016 (see Figure 1 & 2).


Figure 2: New World Hackers claim larger attacker are soon to come


The New World Hackers have recently attacked a number of major sites. Targeted sites include Donald Trump, Xbox, HSBC, BBC, and the YMCA. They have also been core participants in numerous Anonymous operations including, OpISIS, OpNimr OpKorea, OpAfrica, OpChina, OpParis and others.

Reasons for Concern

This group is known for its pure network power. Their attack against the BBC was rumored to be 602Gbps. When the New World Hackers join an operation they usually take down everything included on the target list. At the moment they are supporting OpAbdiMohamed and BlackLivesMatter.


Attack vectors


Figure 3: FirstUtahBank.com

What's Expected Next

It's expected these attacks will continue as a greater audience becomes aware of the events surrounding the Abdi Mohamed shooting. It's expected that attackers will release information about the SLC police officers and perhaps other police departments involved in similar cases - and conduct both digital and physical protests around the police department.

Recommended Steps for Organizations at Risk

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