The hacktivist group Anonymous is back, this time fighting corruption across the continent of Africa. #OpAfrica is an operation run by several hacktivists within Anonymous who are focused on targeting corporations and government that "enable and perpetuate corruption on the African continent".i


The operation is targeting corruption across the continent of Africa, including corporations and governments that are believed to be involved with or responsible for child abuse and labor. They are also targeting those involved with internet censorship and corruption across Africa. This operation is being run in parallel to OpNigeria and OpSouthAfrica, in hopes of freeing the continent of child exploitation and corruption. Like in many recent campaigns, perpetrators are using multiple attack vectors and techniques such as SQL injection and cross site scripting with volumetric network floods.

Phases of the Operation


Recently Targeted

Reasons for Concern

As a result of OpAfrica, a number of organizations and government sites have and are currently experiencing SQL injections, data dumps and service outages cause by DoS attacks. The operation is expected to continue and a new group of targets will be added to the list. Those directly or indirectly related to the governments listed as targets could experience defacements and DoS attacks followed by data dumps.

First Target List

How to Prepare

We recommend that organizations proactively prepare by taking the following steps:

Organizations Under Attack Should Consider

Under Attack and in Need of Expert Emergency Assistance?

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