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 (IN)SECURE Magazine
​SYNful Knock: Backdoor Malware Found in Cisco Routers
"Certifi-Gate" Android Vulnerability Lets Hackers Take Complete Control of Your Device
#opKKK Anonymous denied involvement in recent leak
#OpNimr Anonymous targets Saudi websites to stop al-Nimr’s crucifixion
#ParisAttacks — Anonymous declares War on ISIS: 'We will Hunt you Down!'
(IN)SECURE Magazine issue 46 released
(IN)SECURE Magazine issue 47 released
(IN)SECURE Magazine issue 48 released
.onion officially registered as special-use domain name by the IETF
@FFD8FFDB Twitter bot spies on poorly configured cameras
‘In Our Sites’ Operation seized 999 websites offering counterfeit goods
‘Prohibition Era’ Of Security Research May Be Ahead
‘Software Liability Is Inevitable’
0-days found in widely used Belkin router, fixes still unavailable
0xHACKED: Brown University Accounts Distributing Phishing Emails
1 in 4 organizations have experienced an APT
10 tips to help organizations stay secure this holiday season
10% of enterprises have at least one compromised device
100,000 laptops and phones left in UK bars each year
11 Million Ashley Madison Passwords Cracked In Just 10 Days 
11 zero-days uncovered in Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge
13 million MacKeeper users exposed in data breach
13 Million MacKeeper Users Hacked — 21 GB of Data Exposed
130 Celebrities' Email Accounts Hacked; Hacker Stole Movie Scripts and Sex Tapes
137 major incidents disrupted EU telephony and Internet access in 2014
15-year-old Boy Arrested in connection with TalkTalk Cyber Attack
15-Year-Old has been identified and arrested for TalkTalk Attack
18,000 Android Apps include SMS stealing Library
191 Million US Voters' Personal Info Exposed by Misconfigured Database
19-Year-Old Teen Steals $150,000 by Hacking into Airline's Website
1-Click Way to Check If your Android Device is Vulnerable to Hacking
200 Million WhatsApp Users Vulnerable to vCard Vulnerability 
200,000 Comcast login credentials available on the Dark Web
2015 Cost of Cyber Crime Study
2015 saw 888 data breaches, 246 million records compromised worldwide
250+ iOS apps offered on Apple's App Store found slurping user data
26 vulnerabilities found in parental monitoring application
3 OEMs Vulnerable To 3 Vulnerabilities. Your PCs At Risk
3G/4G cellural USB modems are full of critical security flaws, many 0-days
3G/4G modems continue to be vulnerable
3-in-1 solution for enterprise management of privileged accounts and info
4 in 10 midsize businesses have experienced a data breach
40% of companies expect a data breach next year
49 new Regin backdoor modules discovered
49 suspected members of cybercriminal group arrested in Europe
5 Guidelines in Battling Cyber Criminals Over Precious Business Data
5 reasons Security Congress is the (ISC)2 member event of the year
5.6 Million Federal Employees' Fingerprints Stolen in OPM Hack
5.6 Million Fingerprints Stolen In OPM Hack
500 million users at risk of compromise via unpatched WinRAR bug
6.4 billion connected things will be in use in 2016
600TB of data exposed due to misconfigured MongoDB instances
63% in favor of encryption backdoors to respond to national security threats
65,000+ Land Rovers recalled due to software bug
7 key global DDoS trends revealed
7 years of Android: A painful journey to world dominance
70% of breaches are detected by a third-party
74% organizations think they will be hit by an APT in the near future
75% of companies experienced a fraud incident in the past year
8 key online fraud behaviors and patterns
81% of healthcare organizations have been compromised
86% of PHP-based apps contain at least one XSS vulnerability
86.2 million phone scam calls delivered each month in the U.S.
87% of Android smartphones are insecure and that’s no joke
88 percent of company networks vulnerable to privileged account hacks
88% of Android devices vulnerable due to slow patch management
90% of companies benefit from Big Data
90% of directors believe regulators should hold firms liable for hacks
90% of large businesses in the UK experienced data breach
9271 crucial vulnerabilities found in 185 firmware images of embedded devices
95% of websites in 10 new TLDs are suspicious
A billion Android devices vulnerable to Stagefright 2.0 bugs
A few hours the Paris attacks, a new ISIS propaganda hub appeared on the Darknet
A flaw in D-Link Switches opens corporate networks to hack
A Fourth Teenager was arrested over TalkTalk data breach
A fundamental shift in security spending
A Jihadi Help Desk assists ISIS terrorists and sympathizers with encryption?
A look at North Korea’s ‘paranoid’ Red Star OS computer operating system
A new emergency patch for Adobe Flash Zero-Day, update your system!
A new person is leaking confidential documents on the US drone wars
A new, streamlined version of Cryptowall is doing rounds
A secret cellphone spying devices catalog leaked online
A serious issue in Steam allowed access to other users’ accounts
A slew of LTE 4G vulnerabilities endanger Android users and mobile carriers
A software bug caused the early release of 3,200 US prisoners
A Step-by-Step Guide — How to Install Free SSL Certificate On Your Website
A well-funded cyber criminal group targets Asian organizations
A young hacker violated the CIA Director’s private AOL email
Abysmal security practices by toy maker VTech result in massive data breach
Access Private Photos and Contacts Without a Passcode on iOS 9 devices
Account recovery via secret questions is a bad idea
Actor using Angler exploit kit switched to Neutrino
AdBlock Extension has been Sold to an 'Unknown Buyer'
Adobe fixes dozens critical vulnerabilities in Flash Player
Adobe Flash Update Includes Patches for 17 Vulnerabilities
Adobe Hotfix Patches XXE Vulnerability in ColdFusion
Adobe Patches 23 Critical Vulnerabilities in Flash Player 
Adobe Patches 69 Vulnerabilities in Reader, Acrobat, Flash 
Adobe patches Hacking Team Flash zero-days, update immediately!
Adobe Patches Two Shockwave Player Vulnerabilities
Adobe Patches XXE Vulnerability in LiveCycle Data Services
Adobe Releases 23 Security Updates for Flash Player
Adobe to Kill 'FLASH', but by Just Renaming it as 'Adobe Animate CC'
Adobe to Patch Reader and Acrobat Next Week
AdobeWorkgroupHelper - Stack Based Buffer Overflow 
Advantech Clears Hard-Coded SSH Keys from EKI Switches
Adware installer gives itself permission to access Mac users' keychain
Aerospace Probes released to stratosphere for spying weapons
Aethra botnet made up of 12000 Italian devices threatens businesses
After two fixes, OAuth standard deemed secure
Aggressive Android ransomware spreading in the USA
Aggressive tactics from DD4BC extortionist group revealed
AirDrop Bug in Apple iOS and OSX allows Hackers to Install Malware Silently
Akamai and Trustwave unite to protect businesses from online threats
ALERT: This New Ransomware Steals Passwords Before Encrypting Files
AlienSpy RAT Resurfaces as JSocket
AlienVault Unified Security Management: Real-Time Threat Detection Starting on Day 1
All BBC Websites went down after a major DDoS attack
Alleged LulzSec member claims responsibility for the DDoS on TalkTalk
Allegedly 40 apps on App Store are infected
Amazon Inspector Addresses Compliance and Security Challenge
Amazon launches AWS web application firewall
Amazon resets customers' potentially compromised passwords 
America’s Thrift Stores breached by Eastern European criminals
An Amazon employee became owner of for a few minutes
Analytics services are tracking users via Chrome extensions
Analyzing Ransom32, the first JavaScript ransomware variant
and the most sophisticated Android malware ever exposed
Android 5 bug allows attackers to easily unlock password-protected devices
Android adware tricks users into giving it power to secretly download other apps
Android factory reset not enough to keep data secure
Android ransomware gets new, professional look thanks to Google’s Material Design
Android ransomware masquerades as Adult Player app, takes photo of victim
Android smartphones
Android Stagefright Exploit Code Released
Android Stagefright Exploit Code Released to Public 
Android Tablets with Pre-loaded Cloudsota malware sold on Amazon
Android users rejoice! Security updates will be coming out faster
Angler EK exploits recently patched IE bug to deliver ransomware
Angler exploit kit includes the code of a recent Flash flaw
Anonymous Declares War On Donald Trump — #OpTrump
Anonymous goes after ISIS, aims to expose recruiters and sympathizers
Anonymous Group Leaks Identities of 1000 KKK Members
Anonymous Hackers to Leak 1000 of KKK Members Details on Million Mask March (Nov 5, 2015)
Anonymous Hacking Group Takes Down 20,000 ISIS Twitter accounts
Anonymous has taken down 5,500 ISIS accounts
Anonymous Took Down 20,000 pro-ISIS Twitter accounts
Anonymous will reveal names of about 1,000 KKK members
Another computer system at the Pentagon has been hacked
Another ISIS Hacker Killed by U.S Drone Strike in Syria
Another Magento Remote Code Execution Vulnerability
Another root CA cert with key found on Dell's machines
Another teenager arrested in connection to TalkTalk hack
Anti-IS group ‘New World Hackers’ claims BBC website attack
Antiquated environment and bad security practices aided OPM hackers
API security becoming a CXO level concern
Appeals Court Vacates Lower Court’s Decision on National Security Letters
Apple Addresses Dozens of Vulnerabilities, Embraces Two-Factor Authentication in iOS 9 
Apple App Store suffers its first large-scale attack
Apple Boosts iOS 9 Security with improved Two-Factor Authentication
Apple boots some ad blockers from App Store to protect users' privacy
Apple complicates app sideloading in iOS 9 for increased security
Apple confirms Judge unlock a new iPhone is not possible
Apple fixes a bucketload of vulnerabilities in everything
Apple fixes serious flaws in the Productivity Apps
Apple Gatekeeper Bypass Opens Door for Malicious Code 
Apple Goes All-In on Privacy
Apple has several apps from the official iOS App Store
Apple iOS 9.0.2 Update Patches Lock Screen Bypass Exploit
Apple iOS Jailbreak Tweaks Have Backdoors; 220,000 iCloud Accounts Hacked
Apple Kicks Out some Malicious Ad-Blocker Apps from its Online Store
Apple Mac OS X Hits by Two Unpatched Zero-day Flaws
Apple Patches 100+ Vulnerabilities in OS X, Safari, iOS 
Apple Patches Critical OS X DYLD Flaw in Monster Update
Apple patches serious remotely exploitable iTunes and App Store flaw
Apple pushes out critical security updates for OS X, iOS, watchOS, and other products
Apple releases OS X El Capitan, patches passcode loophole in iOS
Apple releases security updates for every major product
Apple Removes Apps That Expose Encrypted Traffic
Apple removes hundreds of malicious apps after major malware attack
Apple to Built Fuel Cell Battery that Could Power iPhones and Macbooks for Weeks
Apple to Remove 256 iOS Apps Using Private APIs, Collecting Personal Data 
Apple told Judge: It's Impossible to Access Data on Locked iPhones
Apple watchOS2 Includes Host of Code-Execution Patches
Apple Zero Day Remains Unpatched
Apple's Biggest Hack Ever: 4000 Malicious iOS Store Apps Linked to CIA?
Apple's Swift programming language is now open source
APT Group Gets Selective About Data it Steals
Arabian tales by ‘Nigerians’
Are IT pros overconfident in their ability to deflect attacks?
Are IT security pros optimistic or naïve?
Are Russian hackers infecting critical infrastructure in Ukraine?
Are we putting our finances at risk with our online shopping and banking?
Are you ready for EMV?
Are your competitors organizing DDoS attacks against you?
Ashley Madison hacked, info of 37 million users stolen
Ashley Madison Hacker – An Insider Woman Employee?
Ashley Madison-themed blackmail, data deletion scams hitting inboxes
Assassins in the darkweb, “Service catalogue” and Price list” updated
AT&T Facilitated NSA Surveillance Efforts, Reports
Attack code for critical Android Stagefright flaw published
Attacker Compromised Mozilla Bug System, Stole Private Vulnerability Data 
Attackers actively exploiting Windows bug via malicious USB devices
Attackers Can Use SAP to Bridge Corporate, Operational ICS Networks 
Attackers can use Siri, Google Now to secretly take over smartphones
Attackers compromise Cisco Web VPNs to steal login credentials, backdoor target networks
Attackers Embracing Steganography to Hide Communication 
Attackers hack into Outlook Web App (OWA) Server for access to organization network
Attackers posing as legitimate insiders still an enormous security risk
Attackers prefer lower-bandwidth DDoS attacks
Attackers Replacing Firmware on Cisco Routers
Attackers take over org's OWA server, harvest domain credentials with malicious DLL
Attackers use Google Drive, Dropbox to breach companies
Attacking Diffie-Hellman protocol implementation in the Angler Exploit Kit
Authentication bypass flaw in Netgear SOHO routers exploited in the wild
Authors digitally signed Spymel Trojan to evade detection
AutoIt Used in Targeted Attacks to Move RATs
AVG Antivirus Plans to Collect & Sell Your Personal Data to Advertisers
AVG will sell user browsing and search info to advertisers
AVG, McAfee, and Kaspersky antivirus were vulnerable to critical flaw
AV-Test – Which is the best Antivirus for Linux systems?
Back to the Future: How much of Marty and Docs' tech is a reality?
Backdoor In A Backdoor Identified in 600,000 Arris Modems
Backdoor in Baidu Android SDK Puts 100 Million Devices at Risk
BackStab Malware steals iOS and BlackBerry Backups
Bad actors target entities worldwide via Cisco WebVPN
Bad Santa! Microsoft Offers — 'Upgrade now' or 'Upgrade tonight' to Push Windows 10
BadBarcode: Poisoned barcodes can be used to take over systems
Banking Malware Moving Over Facebook Hosted in Cloud
Bartalex Variants Spotted Dropping Pony, Dyre Malware
Beaches, carnivals and cybercrime: a look inside the Brazilian underground
Behind the scenes at BruCON, a European hacker conference
Belkin's N150 router sports multiple flaws, including default access credentials for telnet server
Beware Coffee Lovers! StarBucks Exposed you to 3 Critical Vulnerabilities
Beware fake LinkedIn profiles, threat actors are using them to hack you
Beware of Apple-themed phishing emails threatening to limit your account
Beware, connected ikettles can leak WiFi passwords
Big Data investments on the rise
Bitcoin Core Developers Quit Bitcoin Project to Launch a New Digital Currency
Bitcoin Creator 'Satoshi Nakamoto' Unmasked! An Australian Man 'Craig Wright' identified...
Bitcoin Extortionist Copycats on the Rise, Experts Say 
Bitglass granted patent on searchable cloud encryption
BitTorrent clients can be made to participate in high-volume DoS attacks
BitTorrent Fixes Reflective DDoS Attack Security Flaw
Black Friday and Cyber Monday, Keep Yourself Safe
Black marketplace – 50c buys login for stolen media accounts
BlackEnergy targets Ukrainian news media and electric industry
Blackhole Exploit Kit Resurfaces in the wild
BLEKey Device Breaks RFID Physical Access Controls
Blockchain transactions create risks for financial services
Bogus PayPal App used to spread a banking Trojan
Brain's reaction to certain words could replace passwords
Breaches might be inevitable, but penalties are not harsh enough
British Gas customers’ data posted online, 2,200 records exposed
British Intelligence Agency Can Hack Any Smartphone With Just a Text Message
British Intelligence Open-Sources its Large-Scale Graph Database Software
British NCA revealed to have hacking abilities, aka equipment interference
British-born ISIS Hacker Killed in US Drone Strike in Syria
Brute-Force amplification attacks on WordPress rely on XML-RPC
Bug hunting without much tech knowledge or many tools
Bug in Android Gmail app allows effective email spoofing
Bug in Gmail app for Android Allows anyone to Send Spoofed Emails
Bug in OS X Yosemite allows attackers to gain root access
Bugs in Drupal's update process could lead to backdoored updates, site compromise
Bugzilla CVE-2015-4499 flaw, be aware hackers could know all your bugs
Business email compromise scams still happening, still successful
Business leaders increasingly drive cloud migration
Businesses know about POS security risks, but are they investing wisely?
Businesses Using Millions of insecure SHA-1 Certificates
Bypass Developed for Microsoft Memory Protection, Control Flow Guard
Cadelle and Chafer, Iranian hackers are tracking dissidents and activists
Can an inevitable evil be conquered?
Can organizations hold back the tide of cloud adoption?
Canceled Talk Re-Ignites Controversy Over Legitimate Security Research 
Car Hacking Gets the Attention of Detroit and Washington
Car hacking via compromised car diagnostic tools
Carbanak gang is back and packing new guns
Card Breach at Hilton Hotel Properties Under Investigation
Caution! Hackers Can Easily Hijack Popular Baby Monitors to Watch Your Kids
CDNetworks to showcase Cloud Security 2.0 at Black Hat USA 2015
Census Bureau Says Breach Didn’t Compromise Sensitive Data
Central Shop, the evolution of credit card black markets
CERT Warns of Hard-Coded Credentials in DSL SOHO Routers
CERT Warns of Slew of Bugs in Belkin N600 Routers
CFOs are not confident about their level of security
CIOs agree, IT is more complex than ever
CISA Passes Senate, criticism about privacy and security
Cisco finds, removes more default SSH keys on its software
Cisco Fixes DoS Vulnerability in ASR 1000 Routers
Cisco Jabber flaw allows MitM attackers to wiretap communications
Cisco Patches Denial-of-Service, Bypass Vulnerabilities in IOS
Cisco Patches File Overwrite Bug in IMC Supervisor and UCS Director
Cisco released a tool to scan for SYNful_Knock implants
Cisco squashes DoS bug in its unified infrastructure software
Cisco Systems will be auditing their code for backdoors
Cisco Takes Down Ransomware Operation Generating $30 Million in Revenue For Hackers
Cisco Warns Customers About Attacks Installing Malicious IOS Bootstrap Images
CISO at U.S. Bank offers tips for secure online purchasing
CISOs are looking for more integration and automation
Citovat Wassenaar, HP vytáhne z Mobile Pwn2Own
Civil nuclear facilities worldwide at risk of cyber attack
Class Action Suit Against Neiman Marcus Over Data Breach Revived
Clever Android ransomware infects tens of thousands of devices
Click-Malware Podvod Šíøení pøes JavaScript Pøílohy
Cloud encryption and tokenization trends in financial services
Cloud-based solutions that protect against zero day attacks
Cloud-based vulnerability management: Top vendors in the field
Code Signing certificates becoming popular cybercrime commodity
Coinvault, are we reaching the end of the nightmare?
Collision Attack: Widely Used SHA-1 Hash Algorithm Needs to Die Immediately
Comcast resets passwords for 200,000 users after login credentials go on sale
Commercial code is more compliant to security standards than open source code
Comodo Issues Eight Forbidden Certificates
Companies investing in cloud, security and Big Data are growing faster
Companies leave vulnerabilities unpatched for up to 120 days
Companies still lack security controls for accessing enterprise applications
Complex security solutions are exposing companies to risk
Compliance vs. cybersecurity: Insurers face competing priorities
Compromising Macs with simple Gatekeeper bypass
Confidence in antivirus falls to all-time low
Confusion about IT security leaves devices at risk
Confusion regarding strategic defenses for network security
Consumers expect businesses to be more transparent on how their data is used
Consumers increasingly adopting personal security measures
Container security concerns escalate
Cops are turning to privately held DNA databases for info to help with investigations
Core Infrastructure Initiative Launches Open Source Security Badge Program
CoreBot Adds New Capabilities, Transitions to Banking Trojan 
CoreBot Malware Steals Credentials-For Now
Corporate networks can be compromised via Windows Updates
Cost of Breaking SHA-1 decreases due to a new Collision Attack
Cox Communications to pay $595,000 for data breach
Cracka hackers doxed more than 2,000 Government employees
Cracka hackers who doxed CIA Chief, not hit the FBI Deputy Director
Cracking WiFi Passwords By Hacking into Smart Kettles
Cracks in the mobile ecosystem, Internet-connected devices
Credential manager system used by Cisco, IBM, F5 has been breached
Criminals behind CryptoWall 3.0 Made $325 Million
Criminals hacked chip-and-PIN system by perfecting researchers' PoC attack
Criminals, Linguistics, Literacy and Attribution
Critical Bugzilla flaw allows access to unpatched vulnerability information
Critical Flaws Found in Network Management Systems
Critical Java Bug Extends to Oracle, IBM Middleware
Critical Joomla RCE bug actively exploited, patch immediately!
Critical Netgear Router Exploit allows anyone to Hack You Remotely
Critical 'Port Fail' Vulnerability Reveals Real IP Addresses of VPN Users
Critical RCE bug in FireEye's security appliances exploitable via email
Critical RubyGems vulns can lead to installation of malicious apps
Critical ScreenOS bugs allow undetectable decryption of VPN connections, device hijacking
Critical vulnerabilities found in Honeywell Midas Gas Detectors
Crooks are abusing Google Search Console to remain under the radar
Crooks stole €600,000 in MitM attacks on EMV Cards
Crooks use the Nuclear Exploit Kit to serve CryptoWall 4.0
Cross-device tracking via imperceptible audio beacons threatens user privacy
Crypto e-mail provider ProtonMail pays ransom to stop DDoS attack, attack continues
Crypto-ransomware encrypts files "offline"
Cryptowall 4.0 comes from Russia, Bitdefender released a vaccine
CryptoWall 4.0 Released with a New Look and Several New Features
CryptoWall Ransomware raised $325 Million in Revenue for Its Developer
CSA releases tool for personal data legal protection
CSRF Flaw Patched in Popular Spring Social Core Library
CUJO: Plug-n-play protection for all devices
Curbing the For-Profit Cybercrime Food Chain
Custom Google App Engine Tweak Still Leads to Java Sandbox Escapes 
Custom secure apps are gaining popularity in the enterprise
Customers of Japanese banks targeted by the Brolux Trojan
CVE-2015-8562 – 16,000 Daily Attacks on vulnerable Joomla servers
Cyber attack grounds Polish LOT aeroplanes
Cyber attack on US power grid could result in losses up to $1 trillion
Cyber attack overall cost suffered last year by businesses is $315b
Cyber Caliphate Hacks 54k Twitter accounts, including ones of CIA and FBI officials
Cyber crooks abuse legitimate EU Cookie Law notices in clever clickjacking campaign
Cyber crooks actively hijacking servers with unpatched vBulletin installations
Cyber crooks opt for APT method for delivering malware
Cyber insurance market to hit US$10 billion by 2020
Cyber liability insurance is becoming an increasing necessity
Cyber risk still poorly communicated to C-suite executives
Cyber security guidelines for the shipping industry
Cyber spies of the Sofacy APT increased its operations tenfold
Cyber Terrorists Can Get Their Hands on UK Infrastructure, Like the Net or Electricity
Cyber warfare fears spur US Navy to teach celestial navigation again
Cyberattacks will cost U.S. health systems $305 billion
Cybercriminals are becoming more creative
Cybercriminals are preying on existing vulnerabilities to plan future attacks
Cybercriminals increasingly hunting down the money
Cybercriminals to target new payment technologies
Cyberespionage group exploits satellites for ultimate anonymity
Cybersecurity expectations: Myth and reality
Cybersecurity is being taken seriously around the globe
Cybersecurity strategies and the boardroom
CyberSpace — China arrested Hackers at U.S. Government Request
Cyberspace Global Warming as a duality of Trajectories on cyberpolitics
Damballa revealed the secrets behind the Destover malware that infected the Sony Pictures
Darkhotel APT Latest to Use Hacking Team Zero Day
Darkhotel spying crew boosts attacks with Hacking Team exploit
Darkode forum returns with lousy security that keeps serious users away
Darkode forum was supposed to be resuscitated, but …
Darkweb, a look back at 2015 events and 2016 predictions
DARPA is working on ICARUS, the disappearing delivery drone
DARPA Protecting Software From Reverse Engineering Through Obfuscation 
Data Breach Day — Patreon (2.3M), T-Mobile (15M) and Scottrade (4.6M) — HACKED!
Data breaches and bots are driving cybercrime surge
Data breaches, stolen data and their sale in the Dark Web
Data dump points to a breach at Electronic Arts
Data of 34,000 Steam users exposed due to buggy caching configuration
Database of 70 million prisoner phone calls breached, leaked
Database with 191 Million US voters’ personal data exposed online
Dating scam package offered in the underground
DDoS attack on BBC may have reached 602Gbps, never so powerful
DDoS attacks increase 180% compared to a year ago
Deadly Simple Exploit Bypasses Apple Gatekeeper Security to Install Malicious Apps
Deadly Windows, Reader font bugs can lead to full system compromise
De-anonymizing code authors by analyzing executable binaries
Deleting WhatsApp Messages Before 90 Days Could Land you in Jail
Dell puts users at risk with dangerous eDellRoot root certificate
Dell shipped computers with root CA cert, private crypto key included
Dell's Laptops are Infected with 'Superfish-Like' pre-installed Malware
Demand for new malicious programs reaches saturation point
Dennis Fisher On Security, Journalism, and the Origins of Threatpost 
Deplorable Steam security flaw exploited to hijack prominent accounts
Design Flaws Make Drones Vulnerable to Cyber-Attacks
Details Surface on Patched Bugzilla Privilege Escalation Flaw 
Details Surface on Patched Sandbox Violation Vulnerability in iOS
DHS Information Security Program, Dozens secret databases vulnerable to hack
DHS Raises Privacy Concerns With Senate Cyber Threat Sharing Bill
DHS working on ‘self-destructing’ security chip for smartphones
DHS: Drug Traffickers are hacking surveillance drones on the border
Did FBI pay the Carnegie Mellon to hack Tor?
Did terrorists use PlayStation 4 for communications in Paris attacks?
Digitally signed spam campaign spotted delivering malware
Disbanding the ‘Zoo’
Disclosed Netgear Router Vulnerability Under Attack
Discovered a new DB containing more than 56 million records of US Voters
Discovered an ISIL Bitcoin Address containing 3 Million dollars
Disgusting! Ashley Madison was Building an App – 'What's your Wife Worth?'
Distrust in use of personal data could hinder business growth
D-Link accidentally leaks code-signing certs in its firmware
D-Link Accidentally Leaks Private Code-Signing Keys 
D-Link Accidentally Publishes Its Private Code-Signing Keys on the Internet
Dmail: A Chrome extension for sending self-destructing emails
Do CEOs know enough about cyber security?
Do CISOs deserve a seat at the leadership table?
Do conventional security measures negatively impact productivity?
Do security flaws with life-threatening implications need alternative disclosure?
Do we need harsher penalties and enforced data breach detection measures?
Documents demonstrate NSA continued mass surveillance
Does Mr. Robot’s use real Hacking Tools? Which are?
Don’t throw away your old Boarding Pass, it may contain personal information
Dow Jones & Company Latest Financial Firm Hit With Data Breach 
Dridex Banking Malware Back in Circulation
Dridex Botnets are still active and effective
Drupal moves to fix flaws in update process
Dutch Police Arrest Alleged CoinVault Ransomware Authors
Duuzer Trojan: A New Backdoor Targeting South Korean Organizations
Duuzer, a data stealer Trojan targets South Korean organizations
Dyreza Trojan Targeting IT Supply Chain Credentials 
Easily exploitable Certifi-gate bug opens Android devices to hijacking
eBay Fixes XSS Flaw in Subdomain
eBook: 5 Essential Steps to PCI DSS Compliance
eBook: Cybersecurity for Dummies
eBook: Fighting Known, Unknown, and Advanced Threats
eBook: Website Security for Dummies
Edward Snowden to discuss privacy at IP EXPO Europe 2015
eFast browser deletes and replaces your Chrome Browser
EFF delves into privacy practices of Apple, Google, Twitter, and others
EFF Scoreboard – Secure Messaging, stay safe online
EFF, AdBlock and Others Launch New Do Not Track Standard
EFF: T-Mobile breaks neutrality rules with Binge On service
EFF's Privacy Badger prevents users being tracked online
Elasticsearch servers actively targeted by botmasters
Email accounts belonging to 130 Celebrities have been Hacked
Email is more secure today than it was two years ago
Embedded Devices Share, Reuse Private SSH Keys, HTTPs Certificates 
EMEA organizations are being pre-emptive about security
Emergency Flash update plugs zero-day exploited in the wild
Emergency IE Patch Fixes Vulnerability Under Attack
Emergency Patch released for Latest Flash Zero-Day Vulnerability
Employee credentials of half of European top 500 firms exposed online
Employee Stole 'Yandex Search Engine' Source Code, Tried to Sell it for Just $29K
Employee use of cloud services puts business data at risk
Encrypted Email Servers Seized by German Authorities After School Bomb Threats
Encryption, Lock Mechanism Vulnerabilities Plague AppLock
Endpoint security lags in spite of vulnerabilities
Endress+Hauser Patches Buffer Overflow In Dozens of ICS Products
End-to-end encrypted database ZeroDB is now open source
Energy security pros: More competent, or just naive?
Enhanced security for corporate information on mobile devices 
Entrust Datacard integrates with Citrix to enable secure anytime-anywhere productivity
EPIC Fail — For the Third Time, Linux Ransomware CRACKED!
Espionage campaign relying on the Zeus Trojan targets the Israeli Public Sector
EU plans to ban Bitcoin to curb terrorism funding
EU regulation to Impose rules on firms to improve cybersecurity
European Aviation Agency Warns of Aircraft Hacking
European Aviation Safety Agency – Airplane hacking is reality
European credit card payment terminals are plagued with serious flaws
European data centre services provider Interxion suffers breach
European Parliament members want member states to protect Edward Snowden
European Police Agencies declare war on DroidJack RAT
European Space Agency domains hacked by Anonymous
Europe's new "net neutrality" regulation is full of loopholes
Evaluating the security of open source software
Every Call You Make or Text You Send, They'll Be Tracking From Today
Exabeam secures $25 million in Series B funding
Existing security standards do not sufficiently address IoT
Expedia users targeted by phisher who gained access to their info
Experian Breach Spills Data on 15 Million T-Mobile Customers 
Experian Breach: 15 Million T-Mobile Customers' Data Hacked
Experian’s data breach puts 15 million T-Mobile users at risk
Experts discovered the attack platform used by the Winnti Group
Exploit broker offers $1 million for reliable iOS 9 exploit
Exploit kit activity up 75 percent
Exploit Writing and Mitigation Going Hand in Hand
Exploiting Browser Cookies to Bypass HTTPS and Steal Private Information
Exploring the North American cybercriminal underground
Exposing cyberattacks targeting government networks in Southeast Asia
Exposing fraud behavior patterns associated with compromised identities
EZCast TV streaming stick leaves home networks vulnerable to attack
Facebook Awards $100,000 for New Class of Vulnerabilities and Detection Tool
Facebook first discovered spear phishing attacks of Iranian hackers on State Department employees
Facebook introduces end-to-end encryption for notifications
Facebook is testing Self-Destructing Messages for Messenger App
Facebook M: Facebook's Answer to Siri, Cortana and Google Now
Facebook slowly fine-tuning its popular ThreatExchange
Facebook starts warning users of state-sponsored attacks against their accounts
Facebook to Launch Its Own Satellite to Beam Free Internet
Facebook tries to help advertisers and users with new ad control options
Facebook Updates Information-Sharing Platform
Facebook Will Now Notify You If NSA is Spying on You
Facebook wins Flash by knock out by switching to HTML5!
Facebook. Beware state-sponsored hackers are trying to hack you!
Factors that influence breach costs
FAKBEN Ransomware-as-a-service emerges from the underground
Fake "account verification" email targeting users
Fake recruiters on LinkedIn are targeting infosec pros
Fake Twitter verification profiles trick victims into sharing personal, payment card info
Fareit malware avoids detection using a different file hash for each attack
FBI denies paying $1 MILLION to Unmask Tor Users
FBI Deputy Director's Email Hacked by Teenager Who Hacked CIA Chief
FBI Director Asks Tech Companies to At least Don't Offer End-to-End Encryption
FBI director insists Silicon Valley can solve the encryption dilemma - if they try hard enough
FBI is hunting MrGrey who has stolen 1.2 BILLION login credentials
FBI reportedly Paid $1 Million to University Researchers for UnMasking Tor Users
FBI Suggests Ransomware Victims — 'Just Pay the Ransom Money'
FBI Warns of Increase in DDoS Extortion Scams
FBI Warns Public Officials of Doxing Threat
FBI warns Time Warner Cable of potential data breach
FBI: Social Engineering, Hacks Lead to Millions Lost to Wire Fraud
FBI’s Cyber Task Force Identifies Stealthy FF-RATs used in Cyber Attack
Feasible ‘Going Dark’ Crypto Solution Nowhere to be Found
Federal CISOs Propose New Efforts to Shore Up Cybersecurity
Federálové Change Policy vyžadovat rozkaz k použití Stingrays
Fewer IPsec VPN Connections at Risk from Weak Diffie-Hellman
File insecurity: the final data leakage frontier
File-stealing Firefox bug exploited in the wild, patch immediately!
FIN5 hacking crew steals 150,000 credit cards from casino
Final rule implements the Executive Order 13694. US can apply economic sanctions in response to cyber attacks
Final TalkTalk breach tally: 4% of customers affected
Finally! A free, open source, on-premise virus scanner framework
Finance organizations risk data by failing to secure unique employee logins
Finance teams becoming involved in cyber risk mitigation oversight
Financial impact of SaaS storage breaches now $13.85 million
Financial Reporting Council of Nigeria site used for phishing scam
FireEye Appliances affected by a critical flaw simply exploitable
FireEye legally censors crucial parts of a researcher's talk at 44CON
Firefox 40: New features and critical security updates
Firefox 41 integrates Free Built-in Instant Messaging and Video Chat to Your Browser
Firefox 42 is out, with many privacy and security improvements
Firefox blocks Flash plugin by default until zero-days are fixed 
Firewalls for SMBs that chew through encrypted streams
FIRST announces CVSS version 3
First Ever Anti-Drone Weapon that Shoots Down UAVs with Radio Waves
First ever EU rules on cybersecurity
First Let’s Encrypt Free Certificate Goes Live
Fitbit trackers can be infected with a malware in just 10 seconds
Fitbit, warranty fraud, and hijacked accounts
Five key cybersecurity trends for 2016
Five major Big Data predictions for 2016
Five points of failure in recovering from an attack
Five principal cloud security challenges
Five years of hardware and software threat evolution
Flash 0-day exploit found in Hacking Team's leaked data exploited by criminals
Flash Player 0-day exploited in the wild, patch immediately!
Flaw allows hijacking of professional surveillance AirLive cameras
Flaw in Comcast's home security system lets burglars in without triggering alarm
Flaw in Linux.Encoder1 ransomware reveals the decryption key
Flaw in the Android Gmail app opens to email spoofing attacks
Flaws in ATMs of a German Bank open the doors to cyber attacks
Flaws in industrial gas detectors exploitable by low-skilled attackers
Flaws in medical data management system can be exploited to modify patient information
For Better Privacy & Security, Change these iOS 9 Settings Immediately
Former Employee tried to sell Yandex Source Code for Just $29K
Former journalist faces 25 years in prison for article defacement
Four critical Android bugs patched, one could lead to permanent device compromise
Four essential tips that you can use to stay safe when you travel
Four Zero Days Disclosed in Internet Explorer Mobile
Fourth, a 16-year-old Hacker, Arrested over TalkTalk Hack
Fragmented approaches to PKI don't always follow best practices
France wants to BAN Tor and Free Wi-Fi Services after Paris Terror Attacks
France will not Ban Public Wi-Fi Or Tor Network, Prime Minister Valls Confirms
Fraudsters steal nearly $47 million from Ubiquiti Networks
Free PCI and NIST compliant SSL test
Free Ransomware Decryption Tool — CoinVault and Bitcryptor
Free tool helps organizations respond to vulnerability reports
Free Web Hosting 000Webhost hacked, 13 Million users impacted
Free WordPress plugin for a password-free login
French activist accuses Anonymous #OpParis of hindering Law Enforcement
FTC amends telemarketing rule to ban payment methods used by scammers
FTC, Experts Push Startups to Think About Security From the Beginning 
Future attacks: Hiding exploit code in images
GameOver Zeus gang boss also engaged in cyber espionage
Gary McGraw on Scalable Software Security and Medical Device Securityf
Gaza cybergang, where’s your IR team?
General Motors invites hackers to report security flaws in their cars
German Government Audits TrueCrypt
German Spy-Agency Trades Citizens' Metadata in Exchange for NSA's Xkeyscore
Germany probes alleged new case of US espionage: Regin malware infected Gov laptop
Germany's new cyber-security law aimed at securing critical infrastructure
Getting BYOD right
GCHQ accused of illegal Computer Network Exploitation activities
GCHQ and NCA hunting criminals in the dark web
GCHQ Gaffer database goes open source
GCHQ open sources Gaffer, a data collection and mining framework
Gift cards and return merchandise fraud scheme
Github Mitigates DDoS Attack
GlassRAT, the threat that remained stealth for years
Global action takes down Darkode cybercriminal forum
Global cyber insurance market to grow to over $20 billion by 2025
Global cyberconflicts, hacktivism and disruptions are on the horizon
Global hacker competition challenges penetration testers
Global information security spend grows by 5% in 2015
Global Internet experts reveal plan for more secure, reliable Wi-Fi routers
Global managed security services market to reach $29.9 billion by 2020
GnuPG 2.1.9 released
Gone in Less Than a Second
Google adds another obstacle for developers of deceptive Chrome extensions
Google 'Android N' Will Not Use Oracle's Java APIs
Google announces reward program for Android bugs
Google debuts customized warning for social engineering sites
Google Details Plans to Disable SSLv3 and RC4
Google Drive security boost for paying customers
Google hacker Forshaw’ verdict about Windows 10
Google helps Adobe improve Flash security
Google Helps Lead Effort Against Automated Traffic From Data Centers
Google Chrome update includes 43 security fixes
Google is Merging its Chrome OS with Android
Google is testing password-free logins
Google Makes Full-Disk Encryption Mandatory for New Android 6.0 Devices
Google Moving Gmail to Strict DMARC Implementation
Google Patches Critical Vulnerabilities in Chrome 45
Google Patches Latest Android Lockscreen Bypass
Google patches Stagefright 2.0 on Nexus devices
Google Plans Monthly Security Updates for Nexus Phones
Google Play Store increases Android APK Size Limit from 50MB to 100MB
Google plugs Google Admin app sandbox bypass 0-day
Google Project Zero Turns Over 11 Bugs in Galaxy S6 Edge
Google Pushes Stagefright 2.0 Patches to Nexus Devices 
Google records and maintains all our voice searches
Google releases new hub for managing security and privacy settings
Google releases Security Patch for Android Stagefright 2.0 Vulnerability
Google researcher finds critical flaws in Trend Micro AV solution
Google Safe Browsing to start blocking sites with ads leading to unwanted software
Google Secretly Records Your Voice — Here's How to Listen and Delete It
Google to Disable Weak SSLv3 and RC4 Protocols to Boost Internet Security
Google to Pause Flash Ads in Chrome Starting Next Week
Google to Warn Recipients of Unencrypted Gmail Messages 
Google will switch from Java APIs to OpenJDK
Google, Mozilla, Microsoft to Sever RC4 Support in Early 2016
Google’s $85 Chromebit Lets You Turn Any Monitor or TV into a Computer
Google's Android Stagefright patch is flawed
Government Asks for Security Community’s Help on Technical Issues
Government Could Hack Children's Toys to Spy on You
Government Releases Policy on Vulnerability Discovery and Disclosure
GovRAT, the malware-signing-as-a-service platform in the underground
GPS faker software broadcasts spam across thousands of fake profiles
Granick: Dream of Internet Freedom ‘Dying’
GreenDispenser, is the last ATM Malware in the wild
Group using DDoS attacks to extort business gets hit by European law enforcement
Guide to application whitelisting
Guidelines for smart city technology adoption
Hacker Buba is asking UAE bank for $3 million ransom
Hacker Claims He helped FBI Track Down ISIS Hacker (Who was killed in Drone-Strike)
Hacker claims Sony PlayStation 4 Jailbreak
Hacker Confirms PlayStation 4 Jailbreak! Exploit Could Open Doors for Pirated Games
Hacker Demonstrated Untethered iOS 9 Jailbreak On Video 
Hacker Finds a Simple Way to Bypass Android 5.x Lock Screen [Steps & Video]
Hacker had access to sensitive info about Firefox bugs for over a year
Hacker leaks sensitive info of millions of Adult FriendFinder users
Hacker steals Bitdefender customer info, blackmails company
Hacker-Friendly Search Engine that Lists Every Internet-Connected Device
Hackers are exploiting Magento flaw to steal payment card info
Hackers are exploiting zero-day flaw in fully patched Adobe Flash
Hackers are spending a huge amount of resources targeting financial services
Hackers are using Nuclear Exploit Kit to Spread Cryptowall 4.0 Ransomware
Hackers Backdooring Cisco WebVPN To Steal Customers’ Passwords
Hackers behind Dark Seoul are back
Hackers breach firm whose tech is used in Samsung Pay
Hackers Can Remotely Record and Listen Calls from Your Samsung Galaxy Phones
Hackers can tamper with medical drug pumps, leading to fatal outcomes
Hackers cause power outage with malware in Ukraine. Is it an Information warfare act?
Hackers Cause World's First Power Outage with Malware
Hackers claim ISIS Militants linked to Paris Attacks had a Bitcoin Wallet worth $3 Million
Hackers Exploit Free SSL Certs from Let's Encrypt to Spread Malware
Hackers Find A Way To Disable Car Airbags System
Hackers have accessed details of 1,827 Vodafone customers
Hackers have Hacked into US Arrest Records Database
Hackers hit UCLA Health, access medical files of 4.5 million patients
Hackers in the wild attempt to exploit the Juniper Backdoor
Hackers Plan to Ruin Christmas Eve for Millions of PlayStation and Xbox Live Gamers
Hackers put up for sale 13 million plaintext passwords stolen from 000webhost
Hackers stole personal info of over a million of Japanese pensioners
Hackers trace ISIS Twitter accounts back to the UK govt
Hackers WIN $1 Million Bounty for Remotely Hacking latest iOS 9 iPhone
Hack-Fueled ‘Unprecedented’ Insider Trading Ring Nets $100M
Hacking CCTV Cameras to Launch DDoS Attacks
Hacking discipline, EOL of computer science in the cyber domain
Hacking enterprise wireless Printers with a drone or a vacuum cleaner
Hacking Team hacked, 400GB+ of company documents and emails leaked
Hacking Team Offering Encryption Cracking Tools to Law Enforcement Agencies
Hacking Team pitches encryption-cracking tools to US law enforcement
Hacking Team scrambling to limit damage brought on by explosive data leak
Hacking Team's Flash 0-day exploit used against Korean targets before it was leaked
Hacktivists and cyber extortionists hit Greek, Russian, UAE banks
Half of iPhones on corporate networks run outdated iOS versions
Hard-hitting insights into global attacks targeting organizations
Hardware encryption market revenue to reach $36.4 billion by end of 2015
Hashcat, the fastest Password Cracking utility is now Open Source
Health Insurer Excellus Hacked; 10.5 Million Records Breached 
Health records of 5.5 million US patients accessed in MIE breach
Healthcare industry sees 340% more security incidents than the average industry
Here's How SIEM Can Protect Your Privileged Accounts in the Enterprise
Here's How to Stop Windows 7 or 8 from Downloading Windows 10 Automatically
Here's How Websites Are Tracking You Online
Hey ISIS! Check Out How 'Idiot' Anonymous Hackers Can Disrupt your Online Propaganda
Hidden Data Economy Report Exposes Price Points for Stolen Data
High prevalence of personal health information at risk
High severity Internet Explorer 11 vulnerability identified after Hacking Team breach
High school Student Hacked Into CIA Director's Personal Email Account
High-impact DoS flaw patched in Node.js, update as soon as possible
High-Risk SAP HANA Vulnerabilities Patched
Hilton confirms some payment systems infected by malware
Holes Patched in Online Bookmarking App Pocket
Hope is not a strategy, we need more healthy paranoia
Hospitals advised to stop using vulnerable computerized drug pumps
Hotel Chain Hilton Worldwide Investigating Potential POS Breach 
How A Drone Can Infiltrate Your Network by Hovering Outside the Building
How Amazon Employee bought '' Domain for Only $12 from Google
How are businesses responding to cyber risks?
How attackers attempt to infect organizations
How BitTorrent activity impacts security ratings
How boards calibrate strategy and risk
How businesses interpret and use threat intelligence
How can we decide on surveillance and privacy when we can't see the whole picture?
How CoinVault or Bitcryptor victims could try to recover their files
How companies can regain consumer trust after a data breach
How complex attacks drive the IT security innovation race
How do you ensure success with DevOps?
How does the ISIS control the Internet?
How engaged is the average board when it comes to security?
How experts stay safe online and what non-experts can learn from them
How fake users are impacting business through acts of fraud and theft
How gamers can help improve critical software security
How Hackers Can Hack Your Chip-and-PIN Credit Cards
How lack of trust and limited knowledge impact your organization
How many employees present a cloud security risk?
How NSA successfully Broke Trillions of Encrypted Connections
How online fraud will evolve in 2016
How organizations can increase trust and resilience
How Some Chinese Hackers Started Making Big Money
How The Russian Abused Twitter as C&C in Hammertoss Malware? Python Answers
How the threat landscape will change by 2020
How to Activate GodMode in Windows 10
How to Auto-BackUp Your WhatsApp Data to Google Drive with Encryption
How to avoid data breaches? Start by addressing human error
How to become a nightmare for cyber attackers
How to become an Information Security Expert with the CISSP Certification
How to Build a Successful Incident Response Plan
How to Crash Your Friends' WhatsApp Just By Sending Crazy Smileys
How to Detect IE Zero-day Exploit Used to Deploy Korplug Malware
How to extract PIN from any selfie, is biometrics secure?
How to find a free, secure proxy service?
How to Fix Chrome Massive Memory Usage? Simply Try 'Chrome 45' for Faster Performance
How to hack airbag in Audi TT on other models
How to Hack and Decrypt WhatsApp Database on rooted devices
How to hide from surveillance cameras: the past and the future
How to improve Internet security after the disclosure of the Diffie-Hellman flaw
How to Install Android 6.0 Marshmallow and When will Your Smartphone Get it?
How to protect your privacy on Windows 10
How to Protect Yourself against XcodeGhost like iOS Malware Attacks
How to Root Windows Phone and Unlock the Bootloader to Install Custom ROMs
How to Run Multiple Android apps on Windows and Mac OS X Simultaneously
How to silently control a mobile phone from 16 Feet Away
How to steal Jaguar XFR cars in 60 seconds by hacking them
How to survive a compliance audit
How to Turn Any Non-Touch Screen PC Into a Touch Screen
How to turn on two-factor authentication on over 100 popular online services 
How to use GCAT backdoor with Gmail as a C&C server
How To Use WhatsApp Web Client on iPhone and Other iOS Devices
How trustworthy are the world's leading websites?
How UK businesses plan to tackle security threats in 2016
How you can anonymously use public Wi-Fi from miles afar
HP releases exploit code for IE zero-day that Microsoft won't patch
HTC phone stores fingerprints in easily accessible plaintext
HTML5 Security Cheat Sheet
HTTP error code 451 will signal online censorship
HTTPS Available as Opt-In for Blogspot
HTTPS Bicycle attack reveals password length, allows easier brute-forcing
Huawei 3G routers rife with flaws
Huge Flash Update Patches More Than 30 Vulnerabilities
Human behaviour still the biggest threat to company security
Human error reduces security offered by encryption apps
Hundreds of thousands of engine immobilizers remotely hackable
Hyatt Hotel Says Payment Systems Hacked with Credit-Card Stealing Malware
Chakra JavaScript Engine: Microsoft Open-Sources the Heart of Edge browser
Charlie Miller to Leave Twitter Security Team
Check out data-centric security solutions at Infosecurity Europe
Check out the Windows 10 security features
Cherry Picker, a PoS Malware even more threatening
Chikdos cross-platform DDoS botnet hit SQL servers worldwide
Chimera, a new strain of ransomware in the wild
China — OPM Hack was not State-Sponsored; Blames Chinese Criminal Gangs
China APT Gang Targets Hong Kong Media via Dropbox
China arrested hackers responding to a US Government request
China arrested hackers suspected of OPM hack
China blamed for cyber attack on Bureau of Meteorology computer
China is the top target for DDoS reflection attacks
China Passes Anti-Terrorism Law; Here's What You Need to Know
China passes its first Anti-Terrorism law
China spies on airline passengers with IMSI-catchers
Chinese fraudsters are hijacking and misusing Uber accounts
Chinese hackers arrested at US request
Chinese Hackers Breached LoopPay for cyber espionage through Samsung Pay
Chinese hackers target Taiwanese Opposition Party and media
Chinese Hackers tried to Take Down Tibetan Social Networking Website
Chinese Mobile Ad Library Backdoored to Spy on iOS Devices
Chip-and-PIN Credit Cards and The Deadline: Here's What You need To Know
Chrome exploit leaves million Android devices open to attack
Chrome extension thwarts user profiling based on typing behavior
Chrome extensions easily disabled without user interaction
Chrome Zero-day Exploit leaves MILLIONS of Android devices vulnerable to Remote Hacking
I am HDRoot! Part 1
IBM cloud tool enables privacy-preserving user authentication
Identify and track sensitive corporate data in real-time
Imperfect algorithms threaten democracy
In Wake of Cyberattacks, U.S. Readies Sanctions Against China
Incredible! Someone Just Hacked 10,000 Routers to Make them More Secure
India temporarily Bans Facebook's Free Internet Service
Indicators of compromise as a way to reduce risk
Industrial security awareness continues to remain low
Info of 2.4 million Carphone Warehouse customers stolen
Infographic: Devaluing data, fighting cybercrime
Information security and privacy are crucial for EU growth
Information security governance practices are maturing
Information security: A key issue in the 2016 U.S. presidential campaign?
Infosec pros are moving beyond traditional passwords
Infosec pros have little confidence in UK's cybersecurity readiness
Infosecurity Europe 2015, expo floor
Innovative security research comes to Singapore
Inside the German cybercriminal underground
Inside the largely unexplored world of mainframe security
Inside the Unpatched OS X Vulnerabilities
Insider threat: A crack in the organization wall
Insider trading ring hacked into newswire services, raked in $100M based on stolen info
Installation of Tor Relay in Library Attracts DHS Attention 
Instapaper for Android vulnerable to man-in-the-middle attacks
Intel establishes automotive security review board
Intelligent packet capture for increased network visibility
InterApp, the device that can hack any Smartphone
Internet Root Name Servers Survive Unusual DDoS Attack
Internet root servers flooded with 5 million queries a second
iOS 9 boosts iPhone 6s and iPad Pro security with improved 2FA
iOS 9 Hack: How to Access Private Photos and Contacts Without a Passcode
iOS 9 partially fixes critical, easily exploitable AirDrop bug 
iOS 9 security flaw lets attackers access device through Siri
iOS AirDrop vulnerability allows for malware installation on Apple devices
iOS Masque Attack Weaponized: A Real World Look
iOS Mobile Banking Apps, what is changed from 2013 tests?
iOS Sandbox Vulnerability Puts Enterprise Data at Risk
IoT attacks and evasion techniques will characterize threats in 2016
IoT developers concerned about privacy and data protection
IoT devices are re-using cryptographic keys, leaving in danger millions of devices
IoT devices: The good, the bad and the ugly
IP camera manufacturers force researcher to pull conference talk
Ipswitch offers secure managed file transfer analytics and reporting
Iranian Cleaver hackers exploit LinkedIn for cyber espionage
Iranian Government says Daesh doesn’t pose a threat to Iran
Iranian Hackers focus their efforts in Android RATs
Iranian hackers penetrated computers of a small dam in NY
IRS Hack May Implicate Three Times As Many Taxpayers Than Expected
IS hackers are attacking the US energy grid
Is he Satoshi Nakamoto? Australian Police raid home of the alleged Bitcoin father
Is Play Station Network under attack? Users reported issues
Is the Cybersecurity Act of 2015 effective?
Is the North Korea behind the attack on the Seoul Subway Operator?
Is This Security-Focused Linux Kernel Really UnHackable?
Is this the death knell for the RC4 encryption algorithm?
Is Vuvuzela the most secure SMS text messaging system?
Is your board ready for a security incident?
ISC's infocon turns yellow to reflect critical impact of Juniper backdoors
iSight Partners says the Sandworm APT is involved Ukrainian power outage
ISIS Calls Anonymous "IDIOTS" and Issues 5 Lame Tips for its Members to Avoid Getting Hacked
ISIS Hacker who Passed U.S. Military Data to Terrorists Arrested in Malaysia
ISIS members have developed a mobile app for its communications
ISIS operation security guide gives insight into group's cybersecurity practices
ISIS recruited experts set to wage chemical and biological attacks
ISIS Supporter Hacks 54,000 Twitter Accounts and Posts Details of Heads of the CIA and FBI
Isle of Man taxpayers' info leaked due to email error
IT admits obstacles to user mobility due to security concerns
IT priorities are changing: Cloud-first strategy to rise
IT Security in SMEs: Guidelines published by UNICRI
IT teams expect a nightmare during the holidays
IT threat evolution in Q2 2015
IT threat evolution in Q3 2015
IT use of cloud surges to record heights
It Works! Google's Quantum Computer is '100 Million Times Faster' than a PC
It’s official! People want a more trustworthy Internet
Italian intelligence plans to monitor also communications through the Playstation
It's not just about Big Data, it's what you do with it
It's Now Legal to Jailbreak Smart TV, Smartphone Or Tablet
It's official: The average DDoS attack size is increasing
It's undeniable, IoT will change security forever
Ivan Ristic and SSL Labs: How one man changed the way we understand SSL
Jail Authorities Mistakenly Early Released 3,200 Prisoners due to a Silly Software Bug
January Android security update fixes 5 critical flaws, removes unneeded component
Japanese Banking Trojan Shifu Combines Malware Tools
JavaScript DDoS Attack Peaks at 275,000 Requests-Per-Second
Jessy Irwin on Password Security, Opsec and User Education 
JetAudio and JetVideo media player vulnerability allows arbitrary code execution
Joomla 3.4.5 patches Critical SQL Injection Vulnerability
Joomla SQL Injection Vulnerability exploited in the wild
Joomla under attack due to a zero-day. Patch your CMS now!
Joomla Update Patches Critical SQL Injection Vulnerability
JPMorgan Hack — Three Men Charged in Biggest Bank Hack in History
JPMorgan hackers also hacked an anti-fraud corporation
Juniper Backdoor Picture Getting Clearer
Juniper Firewalls with ScreenOS Backdoored Since 2012
Juniper to kill off Dual_EC RNG in ScreenOS following new backdoor revelations
Just $1400 to build an IMSI catcher like device to track phones
Just Like Old Days: IOT Security Pits Regulators Against Market 
Just Like Windows 10, Windows 7 and 8 Also Spy on You – Here’s How to Stop Them
Karma Police, how GCHQ tried to track every visible user on Internet
Kaspersky DDoS Intelligence Report Q3 2015
Kaspersky Security Bulletin 2015. Top security stories
Kaspersky Security Bulletin. 2016 Predictions
Kazakhstan makes it Mandatory for its Citizens to Install Internet Backdoor
KeeFarce Hacking tool steals encrypted credentials from KeePass password manager
Keep your site more secure with WordPress 4.3
Kemoge – Malicious Android Adware Infects Devices worldwide
Kemoge Android Adware Campaign Can Lead to Device Takeover 
Kemoge: Latest Android Malware that Can Root Your Smartphone
Key developments on the cyber threat landscape in 2016
Keyboard app bug puts millions of Samsung mobile users at risk, researcher claims
KILLER! Unpatched WinRAR Vulnerability Puts 500 Million Users At Risk
Kim Dotcom loses Fight Against Extradition to the US
Kim Dotcom's Decentralized Internet — For You, Powered By You
Kingston releases encrypted USB with keypad access
Lack of skills and recruiting among challenges facing information security profession
Lack of visibility and security concerns hinder cloud adoption
Lasers can ‘immobilize driverless cars’
LastPass 4.0 features fresh UX, emergency access, sharing center
LastPass breached, hashed master passwords compromised
LATENTBOT, one the highly obfuscated backdoor in the wild
Latest APT 28 Campaign Incorporates Fake EFF Spearphishing Scam
Latest EMET Bypass Targets WoW64 Windows Subsystem
Latest iOS 9.0.1 Update Failed to Patch Lockscreen Bypass Hack
Leaked Hacking Team emails show Saudi Arabia wanted to buy the company
Lenovo Caught (3rd Time) Pre-Installing Spyware on its Laptops
Lenovo Patches Vulnerabilities in System Update Service 
Let’s Encrypt Hits Another Free HTTPS Milestone
Let’s Encrypt Initiative Enters Public Beta
Let's Encrypt CA releases transparency report before its first certificate
Let's Encrypt CA to issue its first cert
Let's Encrypt Free SSL/TLS Certificate Now Trusted by Major Web Browsers
Let's Encrypt Project issues its First Free SSL/TLS Certificate 
Li-Fi is 100 times Faster than Wi-Fi Technology: Real-World Tests Prove
Like it or not, Microsoft Plans to Push Windows 10 Upgrade more Aggressively
Linksys wireless routers are open to cyber attacks
Linode forces password reset for all users due to suspected breach
Linux container security and certification concerns remain
Linux machines can be "owned" by hitting backspace 28 times
Linux ransomware already infected at least tens of users
Linux x86_64 Bindshell with Password (92 bytes) 
Linux XOR DDoS Botnet delivers potent DDoS attacks
List of approved Windows 10 compatible security products
LockerPin Ransomware Resets PIN and Permanently Locks Your SmartPhones
LogMeIn to acquire LastPass for $125 million
Long-term skills shortage drives tech salaries up
Looks like mobile device security is on nobody's mind
LowLevel04 ransomware exploits Remote Desktop to spread
Mabouia: The first ransomware in the world targeting MAC OS X
Mac OS X is the software with most vulnerabilities in 2015
MagSpoof: A device that spoofs credit cards, disables chip-and-PIN protection
Major browser makers synchronize end of support for RC4
Major Xen update fixes over 20 vulns, including guest/host escape flaw
Malicious advertisements surge! 260% spike in 2015
Malvertisers abused Yahoo’s ad network for days
Malvertising attack hit The Economist, anti-ad blocking service PageFair hacked
Malvertising campaign targeted the Forbes Website, million users at risks
Malware on the Smart TV?
Malware threats on pirated content sites
Malware-based attack targets America’s Thrift Stores
Man gets 50 months in prison hacking U.S.-based financial institutions
Man stole special agent's identity, executed a complex identity theft scheme
Manipulating WSUS to Own Enterprises
Many popular Android apps fail to encrypt login credentials
Map a path through the issues of cloud, security, data analytics
Mapping the underground cybercrime economy in order to disrupt it
Mark Zuckerberg Plans to Build Iron Man's JARVIS like Artificially Intelligent Assistant
Mark's Milestone: 1 Billion People Uses Facebook in A Single Day
Mass adoption of mobile payment services derailed by security, privacy concerns
Massive campaign uses router exploit kit to change routers' DNS servers
Mastercard is trying out purchase verification with selfies
McAfee study on the prices of stolen data on the Dark Web
Meet Linux's New Fastest File-System – Bcachefs
Meet The World's First Person Who Hacked His Body to Implant a Bitcoin Payment CHIP
Meet World's Fastest Wi-Fi Router (Looks Like an Alien)
Microsoft 'Accidentally' pushed 'Test patch' Update to All Windows 7 Users
Microsoft bans Superfish-like adware methods starting in March 2016
Microsoft Collecting More Data of Windows 10 Users than Initially Thought
Microsoft Considers Earlier SHA-1 Deprecation Deadline
Microsoft Cracks Down on Toolbars, Unsigned DLLs with Edge Update 
Microsoft details how Device Guard fights malware in Windows 10
Microsoft doesn’t want Windows 10 Users to Switch to Chrome or Firefox
Microsoft Edge: New browser, new risks for Windows 10
Microsoft expands Bug Bounty programs, increases rewards
Microsoft fixes critical flaws in all versions of Windows and Office
Microsoft fixes critical vulnerabilities affecting Windows and Office
Microsoft flags Ask toolbar as unwanted and dangerous
Microsoft has Built its own Linux Operating System
Microsoft Chooses Ubuntu Linux for their Cloud-based Azure HDInsight Big Data Solution
Microsoft is Auto-Downloading Windows 10 to PCs, Even If You Don't Want it 
Microsoft issues emergency patch for IE flaw exploited in the wild
Microsoft Keeps Backup of Your Encryption Key on it's Server — Here's How to Delete it
Microsoft kills many critical flaws, some 0-days, un-trusts one wildcard cert
Microsoft maintains the recovery key of your new PC
Microsoft Opens .NET Core, ASP.NET Bug Bounties
Microsoft Outlook flaw opens the door to “mailbomb” attacks
Microsoft Patches Critical Vulnerabilities in New Edge Browser
Microsoft Patches Graphics Component Flaw Under Attack
Microsoft Pays $24,000 Bounty to Hacker for Finding 'Account Hacking' Technique
Microsoft plugs another Windows zero-day with emergency patch
Microsoft pushes out security updates, plugs holes actively exploited by attackers
Microsoft Releases 12 Security Updates (5 Critical and 7 Important Patches) 
Microsoft Responds To Windows 10 Spying Concerns, But It will Still Collect Your Data
Microsoft Revokes Trust for Certificates Leaked by D-Link
Microsoft Security Bulletin MS15-093 - Critical OOB - Internet Explorer RCE
Microsoft Security Updates November 2015
Microsoft Security Updates October 2015
Microsoft WARNING — 'Use Windows 7 at Your Own Risk'
Microsoft warns of imminent end of support for all but the latest Internet Explorer versions
Microsoft will add SSH support to PowerShell
Microsoft will Inform You If Government is Spying on You
Microsoft will stop trusting certificates from 20 Certificate Authorities
Microsoft Windows 10 is now Installed on over 200 Million Devices
Microsoft, Law Enforcement Collaborate in Dorkbot Takedown
Microsoft's new security posture leads to baked-in security
Mikko Hyppönen warns the ISIS has a credible offensive cyber capability
Millions affected by Scottrade brokerage breach that dates back two years
Millions of IoT Devices Using Same Hard-Coded CRYPTO Keys
Millions of smart devices at risk from 3-year-old flaw
Millions of smartphones, IoT devices risk compromise due to 3-year-old bug
Mission '1 Billion' — Microsoft will Automatically Offer Windows 10 Upgrade
Mission: Hacking Grandma. Level: piece of cake
MIT Scientists: Now You Can See Through Walls with Wi-Fi
Mobile ad network exploited to launch JavaScript-based DDoS attack
Mobile Ad Network exploited to run a major DDoS Attack
Mobile payments data breaches expected to grow
Mobile users continue to put personal and corporate data at risk
Model Assesses Readiness to Accept Outside Vulnerability Reports
Modern railroad systems vulnerable to cyber attacks
ModPos, the most complex POS malware ever seen
Moonpig Warns Customers of ‘Security Issue’
More than 100 Million Android users at risk due to the Baidu Moplus SDK
More than 250 iOS Apps Caught Using Private APIs to Collect Users' Private Data
More than 900 embedded devices share hard-coded certs, SSH host keys
More than a third of employees would sell company data
Most are concerned about security of healthcare data
Most are unaware of the seriousness of medical data theft
Most companies don't believe their information security meets their organization's needs
Most consumers believe cloud-based apps can be hacked
Most consumers concerned about becoming victims of online crime
Most employees are not malicious, but their carelessness can be just as damaging
Most employees don't understand the value of data
Most IT pros oppose government backdoor access
Most security executives lack confidence in their security posture
Most vulnerabilities on enterprise networks are two years old
Mozilla Embraces Private Browsing with Tracking Protection in Firefox 42
Mozilla increases rewards given out to bug hunters
Mozilla Patches Bug Used in Active Attacks
Mr. Grey Hacker (Wanted by FBI) Steals 1.2 BILLION Login Passwords
mSpy finally admits they've been hacked 
Musical Chairs Campaign Found Deploying New Gh0st RAT Variant 
My Government Doesn't Understand How Encryption and Cyber Security Work
N3XT — Advanced CHIP that Could Make Your Computer 1000 Times Faster
Naikon APT Group backed by the Chinese PLA Unit 78020
Naikon APT Group Tied to China’s PLA Unit 78020
NCA launched #CyberChoice campaign, to prevent youngsters become cyber criminals
Nearly 2% of all smartphones are compromised or high risk
Nearly 2,000 Vodafone UK customers' accounts compromised, blocked
Nearly all websites have serious security vulnerabilities
Nemesis Bootkit — A New Stealthy Payment Card Malware
NeoKylin: China's Linux OS that Seriously Looks Like Windows XP
Nest camera, has a different definition for Turn off Mode
Nested backdoor affects 600,000 Arris cable modems
Netflix Sleepy Puppy Awakens XSS Vulnerabilities in Secondary Applications
Netgear Nighthawk X4S AC2600 Smart WiFi Router released
Netgear Published Patched Firmware for Routers Under Attack
Netgear Published Patched Firmware for Routers Under Attack 
Netgear Router Exploit in the wild
Network protocol analyzer Wireshark 2.0 released
Network security firewalls approach $1 billion in 2Q15
Network Time Protocol flaws can cause chaos on a global scale
New "Do Not Track" standard released
New Android bug can put devices into a coma
New Android malware could inflict $250,000 of losses
New Android Ransomware Communicates over XMPP
New Apple Gatekeeper bypass can allow running rouge applications
New Attack Targeting Microsoft Outlook Web App (OWA) to Steal Email Passwords
New attacks on critical communications infrastructure in the US
New Botnet Hunts for Linux — Launching 20 DDoS Attacks/Day at 150Gbps
New Bug in Bugzilla Software Could Expose Zero-Day Vulnerabilities
New Campaign Shows Dridex Active, Targeting French
New date for migrating off vulnerable SSL and early TLS encryption
New DDoS attacks misuse NetBIOS name server, RPC portmap, and Sentinel licensing servers
New Debian Releases Fix PHP, VirtualBox Bugs
New Drupal versions fix admin account hijack flaw
New Dyre variant can target Windows 10 and Microsoft Edge users
New Dyre variant in the wild supports Windows 10 and Microsoft Edge
New EU rules on data protection put the citizen back in the driving seat
New flash storage architecture capable of 1TB/s
New Google Drive phishing campaign exposed
New insight on the Rocket Kitten Iranian hacking crew
New Joomla release patches a serious SQLi flaw
New law allows French police to seize and search electronic devices without a warrant
New Long-Range Wi-Fi Standard Offers Double Range to Home Devices
New Moker RAT Bypasses Detection
New OpenSSL versions squash LogJam bug
New password recovery scam hitting Gmail, Outlook and Yahoo Mail users
New SANS course teaches infosec pros how to ruin attackers' day
New Spy Banker Trojan Telax exploits Google Cloud Servers
New Steam escrow system drives impatient users to fake trading sites serving malware
New threats will demand new approaches such as micro-segmentation and quantum encryption
New Tinba Variant Seen Targeting Russian, Japanese Banks
New Toshiba CMOS image sensor improves recognition and authentication
New updates on Cyber Conflict Agenda 2016 and what’s new in ‘Cyber power’
New Versions of Carbanak Banking Malware Seen Hitting Targets in U.S. and Europe
Next year, smart cities will use 1.6 billion connected things
Nigerian scammers are stealing millions from businesses
Nine arrested in UK investigation of criminal network defrauding bank customers
NIST releases SHA-3 cryptographic hash standard
NIST revises security publication on random number generation
NIST updates ICS security guide
North Korea's Red Star OS (Looks Like Mac OS X) Spies on its Own People
Notorious Shm00p hacker Claims he helped the FBI find ISIS Hacker Junaid Hussain
Nový Chrome rozšíøení pomáhá v boji klávesnice Biometrické profilování
NSA broke trillions of encrypted connections due to a flaw
NSA SHARKSEER program aims to detect and mitigate malware Zero-Day
NSA-linked Spying Malware Infected Top German Official's Computer
NSF Awards $6M Grants for Internet of Things Security
Nuclear Exploit Kit Spreading Cryptowall 4.0 Ransomware
Nuclear facilities are wide open to cyber attacks
NY Health Provider Excellus Discloses Data Breach Dating to 2013
Obama Encryption Policy: White House Will Not Force Companies To Decode Encrypted Data
Offline Ransomware is spreading among Russian users
Old MS Office feature can be exploited to deliver, execute malware
OmniRat RAT is currently being used by criminals in the wild
On the trail of Stagefright 2
One in 20 apps on private PCs are end-of-life
One in 600 websites exposes sensitive info via easily accessible .git folder
Online summer travel scams to watch out for
Online Trust Alliance releases new Internet of Things Trust Framework
Only 37% of SMBs think they're equipped to manage IT security
Only 5% of organizations protect credentials
Open source KeeFarce tool loots encrypted passwords stored in KeePass
Open source security projects get $452,000 from the Linux Foundation
Open source Sleepy Puppy tool finds XSS bugs in target apps and beyond
Open source tool checks for vulnerabilities on Android devices
Open source Twittor tool can control botnets via Direct Messages
OpenSSH 7.0 deprecates weak, legacy and unsafe cryptography
OpenSSH 7.0 Fixes Four Flaws
OpenSSH bug enables attackers to brute-force their way into poorly configured servers
OpenSSL Patches Bring Last Update for 0.9.8 and 1.0.0 Branches
Operation Black Atlas, PoS malware is flooding network worldwide
Operational security and cybersecurity come together in Anaheim
OPM hack shines light on abysmal state of US federal systems's security
Oracle agrees to settle FTC charges it deceived consumers about Java updates
Oracle CSO: You ‘Must Not Reverse Engineer Our Code’
Oracle Ordered to Publicly Admit Misleading Java Security Updates
Oracle releases 154 fixes, plugs click-to-play bypass Java flaw used in attacks
Organizations on the hunt for DevOps, IoT and mobile skills
Outsourcing critical infrastructure (such as DNS)
Over 5,000 mobile apps found performing in-app ad fraud
OwnStar Attack Now Aimed at BMW, Chrysler, Mercedes Cars
PageFair Hack Serves Up Fake Flash Update to 500 Sites
Pair of Bugs Open Honeywell Home Controllers Up to Easy Hacks
Pair of Drupal Modules Patch Access Bypass Flaws
Pangu cracking team has released the iOS 9 jailbreak
Paris Attacks — NO! We Can't Blame Edward Snowden and Encryption for Terror Attacks
Patent Troll — 66 Big Companies Sued For Using HTTPS Encryption
Patch now! Adobe releases Emergency Security Updates for Flash Player
Patch Report: All Versions of Windows affected by Critical Vulnerability
Patched Android ‘Serialization’ Vulnerability Affects 55 Percent of Devices
Patched Ins0mnia Vulnerability Keeps Malicious iOS Apps Hidden
Patched Libpng Vulnerabilities Have Limited Scope
Patreon crowdfunding site hacked and data leaked online
Pawn Storm APT targets MH17 crash investigation
Pawn Storm used a new Flash Zero-Day in attacks on the NATO & the While House
Payment card info of 93,000 customers stolen
Payment systems at Hyatt Hotels have been compromised
PayPal stored XSS vulnerability exposed
PayPal Vulnerability Allows Hackers to Steal All Your Money
Pentagon's unclassified email system breached, Russian hackers blamed
Pen-testing drone searches for unsecured devices
Persistent cyber spies try to impersonate security researchers
Persistent XSS flaw in SharePoint 2013 revealed, patched
Person VUE Credential manager system has been compromised
Personal info of 12+ million Dutch mobile phone owners easily accessible to hackers
Personal info of 15 million T-Mobile USA customers stolen in Experian breach
Personal info of 4 million US government workers compromised in OPM breach
Perspectives on the state of Internet security
Phantom Squad took credit for the PlayStation network outage
Phantom Squad wants to take down Playstation network and Xbox Live on Christmas
Phishers are targeting millions of DHL customers
Phishers register domain names, hammer traditional targets
Phishing attacks targeting businesses are escalating
Phishing campaign leveraging on Dropbox targets Hong Kong media
Photo gallery: Black Hat USA 2015 Business Hall
Photo gallery: Black Hat USA 2015, part 2
Photo: A walk through Cyber Security Europe 2015
PHP File Manager Riddled With Vulnerabilities, Including Backdoor
PIN-changing, screen-locking Android ransomware
Pirate Bay co-founder Gottfrid Svartholm, aka Anakata, Released from Prison
PlayStation 4 Hacked to Run Linux
Plex forums hacked: IPs, private messages, encrypted passwords compromised 
Point-and-shoot weapon stops drones without destroying them
Police Arrested Hackers Who Stole Millions from European ATMs
Police Body Cameras come with Conficker Worm
Police Can't Force You To Unlock Your Phone, It violates Fifth Amendment Rights
Police Raid alleged Bitcoin Creator Craig Wright's Home in Sydney
Ponmocup, never underestimate a botnet that infected 15 million PCs
Popular Android AppLock app full of gaping security holes
Popular VPNs leak data, don't offer promised privacy and anonymity
PostgreSQL 9.5: Row level security, Big Data and UPSERT
Press backspace 28 times to hack a Linux PC with Grub2
Prevention is the best cure for identity theft
Prices of stolen data on the Dark Web
Privacy Badger 1.0 Released With Support For EFF Do Not Track Policy
Privacy International helps individuals find out if they were spied on by the GCHQ
Privacy profession: An equal playing field for men and women?
Private email account of CIA Director compromised by teenage hackers?
PrivaTegrity might bring an end to Crypto Wars
Privatoria — Best VPN Service for Fast, Anonymous and Secure Browsing
Privileged accounts are still easy to compromise
Pro PoS — This Stealthy Point-of-Sale Malware Could Steal Your Christmas
Pro PoS, a new PoS malware available for sale in the underground
Project Zero Experts Found critical flaws in Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge
Proposed Wassenaar pact changes will harm cyber defenders instead of attackers
ProtonMail Back Online Following Six-Day DDoS Attack
ProtonMail paid a $6000 Ransom to stop DDoS Attacks
ProtonMail Paid Hackers $6000 Ransom in Bitcoin to Stop DDoS Attacks
ProtonMail restores services after epic DDoS attacks
PwnBin: A script for scraping Pastebin for leaked API keys, SSH credentials
Qualys announces free global asset inventory service
Quantum Teleportation — Scientists Teleported Quantum Data over 60 Miles
R.I.P Ian Murdock, Founder of Debian Linux, Dead at 42
Ransomware Attacks Threaten Wearable Devices and Internet of Things
Ransomware infected the UK Parliament’s computer networks
Ransomware will target also Medical Devices
Raspberry Pi Zero — The $5 Tiny Computer is Here
RaspBSD – FreeBSD distribution for Raspberry Pi
Raw threat data is not effective, it's time for threat intelligence
RCMP Cybercrime Strategy to fight online crimes
Reactions to the Hacking Team breach
Reactions to the IRS hack that impacted 100,000 people
Reactions to the LastPass breach
Recently Patched Adobe Flash Versions Hit by Another Zero-day Exploit
Record-Breaking Deal: Dell to Buy EMC for $67 Billion
Rekoobe a new malware targeting Linux users
Released: New version of REMnux Linux distro for malware analysis
Reminder! If You Haven't yet, Turn Off Windows 10 Keylogger Now
Remote working on the rise despite security concerns
Report: German Bank ATMs vulnerable to Hackers
Report: The changing face of hacking
Report: What you need to know to earn more in system administration and security
Researcher hacks house arrest tracking system
Researcher proves how easy it is to pull off homographic phishing attacks
Researcher releases exploit for OS X 0-day that gives root access
Researcher releases Free Hacking Tool that Can Steal all Your Secrets from Password Manager
Researcher tests Tor exit nodes, finds not all operators can be trusted
Researcher warns about Security Loopholes in Denmark's Largest Bank
Researchers devise passive attacks for identifying Tor hidden services
Researchers Discover Two New Strains of POS Malware
Researchers Disrupt Angler Exploit Kit Ecosystem, Derail $30M Ransomware Campaign
Researchers eliminate coding errors by using good code from "donor" apps
Researchers find backdoor bug in NASA rovers' real-time OS
Researchers hack Corvette via SMS to plugged-in tracking dongle
Researchers hack Linux-powered sniper rifle
Researchers hack Vizio Smart TVs to access home network
Researchers make easy work of Android lockscreen security
Researchers map out hard-to-kill, multi-layered spam botnet
Researchers point out the holes in NoScript's default whitelist
Researchers track Android users by collecting accelerator readings
Researchers Uncover ‘Terracotta’ Chinese VPN Service Used by APT Crews for Cover
Researchers Uncover New Italian RAT uWarrior
Retailers are unaware of sensitive data leaks
Revealed: What info the FBI can collect with a National Security Letter
Risk management programs lack maturity, new strategies needed
Risk managers most worried about loss of information confidentiality
Risks from fraudulent mobile apps and unauthorized app stores
Risky mobile behaviors are prevalent in the government
Risky Schneider Electric SCADA Vulnerabilities Remain Unpatched
Roaming Tiger Hackers targets Russian organizations for espionage
Rockwell Patches Serious ‘FrostyURL’ PLC Vulnerability
Rovnix malware is threatening Japanese bank customers
Rowhammer.js: The first remote software-induced hardware-fault attack
RSA Conference 2016: Connect to protect
RSA Conference opens Innovation Sandbox Contest
Russia deploys jamming systems in Syria as tensions rise
Russia has a new anti wiretapping System
Russia, Hackers Stole $4 Million in cash with Reverse ATM Hack method
Russian ATM Hackers Steal $4 Million in Cash with 'Reverse ATM Hack' Technique
Russian financial cybercrime: how it works
Russian Hackers suspected for the intrusion of Dow Jones systems
Safeguarding data in the healthcare industry
Sale of legitimate code-signing certs booms on darknet markets
Salesforce Patches XSS on a Subdomain
Samsung announces GAIA, a Smart TV security solution
Samsung disables Windows Update, undermines the security of your devices
Samsung LoopPay Hacked, but 'Samsung Pay' is Safe
Samsung Portable SSD T3 offers increased data security and portability
Samsung presented GAIA, a security solution for Smart TVs
SanDisk unveils new wireless flash drive
SAP Patches 12 SQL Injection, XSS Vulnerabilities in HANA 
Save the Date — 11th December: Anonymous to Celebrate 'ISIS Trolling Day'
Scammers exploit mobile ads for easy profit
Scammers target citizens filing tax returns online
Scammers use Google AdWords, fake Windows BSOD to steal money from users 
Scan of IPv4 Space for ‘Implanted’ Cisco Routers Finds Fewer Than 100
Scanner Finds Malicious Android Apps at Scale
Scottrade Breach Affects 4.6 Million Customers
Script Kiddies can Now Create their Own Ransomware using This Kit
Seagate wireless hard drives open wide to attack
Second Russian pleads guilty in record US data breach
Second teen arrested in Connection with the TalkTalk breach
Second teenager arrested in connection with TalkTalk hack
Secret code in color printers enables government tracking
Section 215 of the Patriot Act expired last night
Secure messaging service Telegram blocks 78 ISIS-related channels
Secure networks are the key to unlocking A2P potential
Securing the smart home environment
Security concerns continue to dog the cloud industry
Security experts disclosed SCADAPASS, a list of default credentials for ICS and SCADA systems
Security experts explain to US, UK governments why mandated encryption backdoors are a bad idea
Security flaws could allow attackers to steal over 100 different cars
Security challenges emerging with the rise of the personal cloud
Security of iMessage System Comes to the Fore Again
Security pros acknowledge risks from untrusted certificates but take no action
Security Sandboxes Challenged by Evolving Malware
Security testing market to grow to $6.9 billion by 2020
Security update kills several critical bugs in Android Marshmallow
Security updates for OS X, iOS fix bucketload of serious bugs
Sen. Warren Worried About Banks’ New Encrypted Messaging Platform
Series of Buffer Overflows Plague Many Yokogawa ICS Products 
Serious, Yet Patched Flaw Exposes 6.1 Million IoT, Mobile Devices to Remote Code Execution
Several Critical Flaws Patched in Drupal Module
Severe OpenSSL bug that allows certificate forgery has been plugged
SHA-2 encryption will make many sites inaccessible to users who can't afford newer tech
Shadow IT is prevalent in government agencies
Shedun adware can install any malicious mobile app by exploiting Android Accessibility Service
Shifu banking trojan is officially spreading to the UK
Shocking! Instagram HACKED! Researcher hacked into Instagram Server and Admin Panel
Shockwave player flaw exposes 450 million users at risk of hack
Shoring up Tor
Should the removal of personal info posted online be a human right?
Schneider Patches Plaintext Credentials Bug in Building Automation System
School monitoring software's hard-coded encryption key exposed
Signal for Android finally out, offers end-to-end encrypted calls and messages
Signal secure messaging app now available on the desktop
Silent Circle launches Blackphone 2, delivering business and personal privacy
Silent Circle promptly patched a critical flaw in the Blackphone I
SilverPush technology tracks user habits with near-ultrasonic sounds
Simply Secure offers free usability design help to developers of privacy, security tools
SLOTH attacks weaken secure protocols because they still use MD5 and SHA-1
Smartwatches: A new and open frontier for attack
Sniffing and tracking wearable tech and smartphones
Snoopers’ Charter will cause extreme rise in business costs
Snooping Samsung S6 calls with bogus base stations
Social Engineering — Free Online Training for Hackers
Social experiment: 200 USB flash drives left in public locations
Social media security is still a low priority
Social Networks – A Bonanza for Cybercriminals
Sofacy APT hits high profile targets with updated toolset
Solving the cybersecurity challenges of smart cities
Somebody Offered Money to Raspberry Pi Foundation for Pre-Installing Malware
Someone could break the Bitcoin Network on demand
Someone Just Tried to Take Down Internet's Backbone with 5 Million Queries/Sec
Someone wants infect millions of Raspberry Pi computers
Sophisticated, successful Morpho APT group is after corporate data
Sound-Proof: Two-factor authentication without user interaction
South Korean Child Monitoring App Beset by Vulnerabilities, Privacy Issues
Spam and phishing in Q3 2015
Spam Campaign Continuing to Serve Up Malicious .js Files
SQL injection has surfaced as the no. 1 attack in 2015
Stagefright Bug 2.0 — One Billion Android SmartPhones Vulnerable to Hacking
Stagefright Patch Incomplete Leaving Android Devices Still Exposed
Stagnant budgets and rising insider security threats
Stanford researchers identify potential security hole in genomic data-sharing network
Starwood Hotel Chain Hit By Point of Sale Malware
State-sponsored cyberattacks linked to Russian intelligence gathering
Static encryption keys affect SAP security
Stealing to the sound of music
Stealthy GlassRAT Spies on Commercial Targets
Stepping out of the dark: Hashcat went OpenSource
Stolen Ashley Madison data dumped online, seems legitimate
Stolen medical information affects 18 out of 20 industries
Stolen or lost devices and the risks of remote working
Stop DDoS attacks in seconds
Strong passwords don’t matter if employees don’t secure them
Study: Global cost of cyber crime
Surge in global cloud application adoption
Survey: Mobile Security - Confidence ebbs as BYOD booms
Surviving in an IoT-enabled world
Surviving in the IoT world: Risks of smart home devices
Suspicious Windows 7 Update Actually an Accidental Microsoft ‘Test’ Update
Swedish Court — 'We Can't Ban The Pirate Bay'
Swift adoption of cloud and mobile drives insider threats
Symantec fires employees who issued rogue Google certificates
Takedown of criminal gang behind ATM malware attacks
Taking root
TalkTalk breach: Attackers demand £80,000 for stolen data
TalkTalk breach: Third arrest, data already for sale, criminals targeting pensioners
TalkTalk data breach, hackers compromised 4 million customer records
TalkTalk Hack: Police Arrest Second Teenager in London
TalkTalk hack: Teenager arrested in Northern Ireland
Target Says SEC Won’t Pursue Enforcement Action as a Result of Data Breach
Targeted attacks on 4Chan and 8Chan exploited bot code in Imgur
Teenage Lizard Squad hacker found guilty of 50,700 charges
Tech support scammers start targeting users of Apple devices
Techie Police Officer Builds a Sniffing Tool to Track Stolen Devices (based on War-Driving) 
Technical Support Scammers targets Apple users
Tech-savvy users are actually the worst offenders
Telegram — Secret Messaging app — Shuts Down 78 ISIS Channels
Telegram Android app is a stalker's dream
Telegram messaging service tries to ban ISIS, but..
Terror alert spam detected by Symantec in the wild
Test your defensive and offensive skills in the eCSI Hacker Playground
TGIF(P) – Thank god it’s fried phish
The amazing adventures of personal data in European Union court
The Angler Exploit Kit Exposed: Making $60 Million Annually by Delivering Ransomware
The automation and industrialization of cyber attacks
The average budget required to recover from a security breach
The average cost of cybercrime escalates to $15 million per organization
The average organization experiences 9 insider threats each month
The barriers to cybersecurity research, and how to remove them
The cyber labor market in Israel, the cyber guild
The danger of terror attacks using drones, and possible countermeasures
The Dark web – Why the hidden part of the web is even more dangerous?
The Dow Jones firm confirmed data breach of 3,500 Users
The Dridex Banking Malware is risen, British attention
The Duqu 2.0 persistence module
The evolution of ransomware: From PC Cyborg to a service for sale
The French Gov wants to Block Tor and Forbid Free Wi-Fi
The French Gov will not block Tor neither Free Wi-Fi
The future of information security in the government
The GasPot experiment: Hackers target gas tanks
The German Intelligence Systematically Spied on Allies
The Hacking crew known as Gaza cybergang was very active in Q2 2015
The Hello Barbie doll, lights and shadows
The changing role of the risk manager
The impact of data breaches on customer loyalty
The impact of digital business on information security
The Infernal-Twin tool, easy hacking wireless networks
The ISIL is trying to hack American electrical power companies
The ISIS guide, how to stay secure online
The ISIS has the ability to make fake Syrian passports
The Jailbreaking procedure is now legal in the United States
The leading cause of insider threats? Employee negligence
The look and feel of Infosecurity Europe 2015
The most damaging ramifications of DDoS attacks
The mystery behind the Internet-of-Things vigilante malware
The new Nmap 7 version just released
The North American cyber-criminal underground it’s easy to access!
The number of fingerprints stolen in OPM hack rose to 5.6 million
The number of Governments using the FinFisher Spyware is increased
The official website of the popular vBulletin forum has been hacked
The privacy risks of school technology tools
The Ramnit Botnet is back after the law enforcement takedown
The rapid growth of the bug bounty economy
The Rapid Increase in the Sophistication of Exploit Kits
The rise of .NET and Powershell malware
The rise of artificial intelligence technologies
The rise of mobile transactions and online lending fraud
The rise of repeated "low and slow" DDoS attacks
The rise of the Japanese Cybercrime Underground
The security community's reaction as CISA passes US Senate
The senior advisor behind Silk Road has been arrested
The Shade Encryptor: a Double Threat
The Shopify commerce platform is open to RFD attacks
The Signal app is available in beta version
The Smurf Suite – GCHQ can hack your phone with a text message
The Sony PlayStation Network is down worldwide
The state of the mobile ecosystem
The surveillance firm Hacking Team is back stronger than before
The top 7 improvements in Nmap 7
The Tor Project announces bug bounty program
The Tor Project Is launching the Tor Bug Bounty Program
The Trojan Games: Odlanor malware cheats at poker
The unstoppable rise of DDoS attacks
The US DoD still uses SHA-1 signed certificates for use by military agencies
The US military is still sending un-encrypted emails
The value in vulnerability management platforms
The value of threat intelligence
The Website of the Norwich airport hacked, a cue to reflect
The World's First $9 Computer is Shipping Today!
The worst data disasters from 2015
Theoretical computer science provides answers to data privacy problem
These Top 10 Programming Languages Have Most Vulnerable Apps on the Internet
These Top 30 Ashley Madison Passwords are just as Terrible as You'd Think 
These Top 7 Brutal Cyber Attacks Prove 'No One is Immune to Hacking' — Part I
These Top 7 Brutal Cyber Attacks Prove 'No One is Immune to Hacking' — Part II 
Think twice about Android root
Third suspect arrested in connection with the TalkTalk breach
This Computer Chip Self-Destructs in 10 Seconds (On Command) to keep Secrets Safe
This Creepy App Captures Users' Private Moment Photos and Blackmails for Money 
This is How Tokyo Police Catching Rogue Drones in the Sky
This Malware Can Delete and Replace Your Entire Chrome Browser with a lookalike
This Malware Can Secretly Auto-Install any Android App to Your Phone
This 'Radio Wave' Hack allows Hackers to Control Your Phone From 16 Feet Away
This Secure Operating System Can Protect You Even if You Get Hacked
Thousands of Hacked WordPress Sites Abused to Infect Millions of Visitors
Thousands of Magento websites compromised to serve malware
Thousands of Zhone SOHO routers can be easily hijacked
Thousands stolen identities of Britons available on the Darkweb
Threat actors hacked the popular Touchnote company
Threat and vulnerability management market revenue to reach $5.3 billion 
Threat intelligence: Sources, sharing, utilization and the government
Three indicted in largest theft of customer data from a U.S. financial institution in history
Three men charged for the attack on the JPMorgan Chase
Three simple ways to prevent a data breach
Thunderstrike 2 OS X Firmware Attack Self-Replicates to Peripherals
Time to update your Veeam to fix a VeeamVixProxy Vulnerability
Time Warner Cable security breach may have exposed 320K customers
Tips and Tricks to Hide from Big Brother’s Watchful Eye
Tips for implementing a converged infrastructure 
Tips for managing and securing SSH keys
Tis the season for shipping and phishing
TLS Implementations Vulnerable to RSA Key Leaks
T-Mobile customer data stolen from Experian already for sale
To pay or not to pay – the dilemma of ransomware victims
Today NSA has Stopped its Bulk Phone Surveillance Program
Too many vulnerable medical systems can be found online
Top 10 — 2016 New Year's Resolutions for Cyber Security Professionals
Top 10 technology challenges for IT audit professionals
Top 10 U.S. cities for online fraud
Top 8 Cyber Security Tips for Christmas Online Shopping
Top cloud security issue? Lack of visibility
Top IoT concerns? Data volumes and network stress
Top obstacles to EMV readiness
Top strategic IT predictions for 2016 and beyond
Top tips on safe online banking from the comfort of your home
Tor Project claims FBI paid university researchers $1m to unmask Tor users
Tor Project to Start Bug Bounty Program — Get Paid for HACKING!
Tor Releases Anonymous Instant Messenger. Here's How to Use It
Tor security improves as .onion becomes a special-use domain name
Tor: FBI Paid CMU $1 Million to De-Anonymize Users
Torrent websites infected 12 million Internet users per month
Total cost of average data breach reaches $3.8 million
Toymaker VTech Hack Exposes 4.8 Million Customers, including Photos of Children
Tracking Hacker Forums with Traffic Analysis
Travel smart: Tips for staying secure on the road
Trends that will alter the way IT is consumed in 2016
Trident nuclear weapons system could be vulnerable to cyber attacks
Trojanized adware: already infected more than 20,000 Android Apps
Trojanized versions of 20,000 popular apps found secretly rooting Android devices
TrueCrypt Encryption Software Has Two Critical Flaws: It's time to Move On
TrueCrypt is safer than previous examinations suggest
Turkish hackers took over a Russian Govt Instagram account
Turkish officers are in contact with members of the ISIS
Turkish systems under attack. Is it information warfare?
Turla APT Group Abusing Satellite Internet Links
Turris Omnia Security Project protects home network users
Twitter Open Sources 'Diffy' that Automatically Catches Potential Bugs in Code
Twitter users warned about being targeted by state-sponsored attacks
Twitter warns victims of state-sponsored attacks
Twittor tool uses Twitter direct messages to control botnets
U.S. charges a suspect with cyber terrorism for the first time
UDP-based Portmap latest target for DDoS attackers looking to amplify attacks
uh-oh! North America Runs Completely Out of IPv4 Internet Addresses
UK ANPR systems are one of the ‘world’s biggest surveillance systems’
UK businesses ‘number one target for cybercriminals’
UK dating fraud victims lost £33,5 million last year
UK Gov could hack children’s smart toys to Spy on suspects
UK High Court declares emergency surveillance bill unlawful
UK job recruiters network hit by hacker, user info dumped online
UK workers are significantly lacking in security awareness
UK, US law enforcement agencies disrupt Dridex botnet
UK’s NCA calls for global approach to cybercrime
Unauthorized code found in Juniper’s firewall OS
United Airlines hacked by same group that breached Anthem and OPM
University implies they helped FBI break Tor protection because of a subpoena
Unpatched Drupal flaws open websites to attacks
Unpatched OS X, iOS flaws allow password, token theft from keychain, apps
Unsafe password policies leave shoppers vulnerable
Unsupported Honeywell Experion PKS Vulnerable to Public Attacks 
Unsurprisingly, companies are not protecting personal information
Unsurprisingly, most would support eliminating passwords
Untethered Jailbreak for iOS 9.0, 9.0.1 and 9.0.2 Released
Unusual Re-Do of US Wassenaar Rules Applauded
Upcoming trends in the SIEM market
Updated Cryptowall Encrypts File Names, Mocks Victims
Updated DGA Changer Malware Generates Fake Domain Stream
Updated Rig Exploit Kit Closing in on 1 Million Victims
Updated XcodeGhost Adds iOS9 Support
UPnP Trouble Puts Devices Behind Firewall at Risk
Uptick in Neutrino Exploit Kit Traffic Doesn’t Mean Angler Reign Over
US Air Force Wireless hacking in Flight
US and UE, a joint effort against the Dridex Botnet
US Army Experts Call for military bug bounty program AVRP
US DOJ admits that Stingrays can be used to intercept call and SMS content
US Eavesdropping on Netanyahu Communications
US Energy Department's systems breached 159 times in four years
US Library of Congress makes tinkering with your car software legal
US OPM takes vulnerable background investigation portal offline 
US Ports – Cyber attacks can cause the release of dangerous chemicals
US state police cars are vulnerable to cyberattack
US will revise Wassenaar pact changes
US, UK spies reverse-engineered security software in search for flaws
USB Killer 2.0 – How to easily burn a PC with a USB device
USB Killer 2.0: A harmless-looking USB stick that destroys computers
Users find backdoors to do their job
Users force LinkedIn to bring back connections download tool used by scrapers
Using BitTorrent Vulnerabilities to Launch Distributed Reflective DoS Attacks
Valasek: Today’s Furby Bug is Tomorrow’s SCADA Vulnerability 
Valve Patches Password Reset Vulnerability in Steam
Variety Jones, A Senior Adviser to ‪Silk Road‬ arrested in Thailand
vBulletin security patches and zero-day exploit available online
vBulletin, Foxit forums hacked, attacker exploited a zero-day flaw?
Vegan and BeEF clash shows how cyber arms race never stops
VeraCrypt Patched Against Two Critical TrueCrypt Flaws
Verizon and Splunk deliver actionable threat intelligence
Victims of June OPM Hack Still Haven’t Been Notified
Victims of the Gomasom Ransomware can now decrypt their files for free
Video training course: Computer and hacking forensics
Video training course: Penetration testing and ethical hacking
Video: General Data Protection Regulation, Safe Harbor Agreement, Copyright reform and the Google case
Virus Bulletin 2015
Virus Bulletin small talk: Diversity in tech
Viruses, bulletins, surveys, and gender: hashtag #VB2015
VirusTotal Adds Sandbox Execution for OS X Apps
VirusTotal now Scans Mac OS X Apps for Malware
Vision for a new generation of experimental cybersecurity research
Vizio Smart TVs track your viewing habits, info is sold to third parties
VMware Patches Pesky XXE Bug in Flex BlazeDS
Voice as a threat: VoLTE, a new tool to compromise mobile networks
VPN protocol flaw allows attackers to discover users' true IP address
VPN users be aware , Port Fail flaw can reveal your identity
VTech data breach gets worse: Children's pictures and chat logs were also compromised
Vtech hacked, data of thousands of kids exposed
Vulnerabilities Identified in Dolphin, Mercury Android Browsers
Vulnerabilities in 2015: 0-days, Android vs iOS, OpenSSL
Vulnerabilities in security software leave users open to attacks
Vulnerability and configuration management for Amazon Web Services
Vulnerability Identified in Genomic Data Sharing Network 
Vulnerability management embraces new functions
Vulnerable gambling apps put corporate data at risk
Vulnerable medical equipment details disclosed online
Vuvuzela: An untraceable messaging system aimed at thwarting powerful adversaries
Výzkumníci Manipulovat pušky Precision Cílení System
w00t! Google OnHub Router actually Runs on Chrome OS; Here's How to Root it
W3C to make payments easier and more secure
Want WhatsApp Free Video Calling? This Leaked Screenshot Reveals Upcoming Feature
Wargame teaches senior leaders about strategic threats and risks
Warning! Popular Apple Store Apps Infected with Data-Theft Malware
Warning! Seagate Wireless Hard Drives Have a Secret Backdoor for Hackers 
Warning: 18,000 Android Apps Contains Code that Spy on Your Text Messages
Washington state sues iYogi tech support firm for scamming users
WD self-encrypting hard drives
Wealth of personal data found on used electronics purchased online
Web Hosting Service 000webhost Hacked, Information of 13 Million Leaked Loses 93,000 Credit Card Numbers in Breach
Week in review: Android ransomware multiplies, FireEye censors researcher
Week in review: Apple tackles XcodeGhost malware, AVG will sell user data, iOS 9 exploit is worth $1 million
Week in review: Criminals hacked chip-and-PIN system, secret code in printers allows tracking, and insecure 
Week in review: DDoS attack on ProtonMail, 0-days found in Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge
Week in review: Dell computers shipped with root CA cert and private key, analytics services tracking users via Chrome extensions
Week in review: Drone detection, crypto wars, and tracking wearable tech
Week in review: Emergency patches for actively exploited flaws, HTML5 can be used to hide malware
Week in review: First ever EU rules on cybersecurity, insider threats, and the new issue of (IN)SECURE Magazine
Week in review: Hiding exploit code in images, online summer travel scams, and Infosecurity Europe 2015
Week in review: Information the FBI can collect with NSLs revealed, VPN protocol flaw gives away users' true IP address
Week in review: iOS malware compromising Apple accounts, and fake recruiters on LinkedIn targeting infosec pros
Week in review: Linux ransomware, university researchers unmask Tor users, and how one man changed the way we understand SSL
Week in review: Logjam bug, trojanized PuTTY, and the importance of encryption and key management
Week in review: Mainframe security, cross-device tracking, and how online fraud will evolve in 2016
Week in review: Malicious Cisco router implants, .onion becomes a special-use domain name, and the new issue of
Week in review: New C++ bugs, preventing insider threats, and gamifying threat detection
Week in review: New OS X threats, and how to protect your privacy on Windows 10
Week in review: Popular VPNs leaking data, and the new issue of (IN)SECURE Magazine
Week in review: Rethinking security, LastPass breach, and stronger data protection rules for Europe
Week in review: ScreenOS backdoor, Twitter warns about state-sponsored attacks, and MacKeeper data breach
Week in review: SLOTH attacks, JavaScript-based ransomware, and hacking medical implants
Week in review: The evolution of the CISO, a simple Gatekeeper bypass, and Stagefright 2.0
Week in review: The price of the Internet of Things, YiSpecter hits non-jailbroken iOS devices, and the most secure 
Week in review: TLS security, malicious Tor exit nodes, how to find a free, secure proxy service
Week in review: Tools for detecting Hacking Team spyware, vulnerable Smart Home Hubs, 
Week in review: WhatsApp data collection, roadblocks to implementing CISA, and how US law enforcement uses Stingrays
Week in review: WiFi jamming, Flash zero-day actively exploited, and abusing the Internet of Things
Week in review: Windows 10 security features, and thwarting user profiling based on typing behavior
Well-informed tech support scammers target Dell users
Western Digital self-encrypting hard drives are completely insecure
Western Digital self-encrypting hard drives are not secure
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What drives employees to shadow IT?
What is a secure OS?
What is Threat Intelligence and How It Helps to Identify Security Threats
What You Should Know about Triangulation Fraud and eBay
What's burning up resources for IT pros during the summer?
WhatsApp Blocks Links to Telegram Messenger (Its biggest Competitor)
WhatsApp collects phone numbers, call duration, and a lot of metadata
WhatsApp collects phone numbers, call duration, and more!
When a 'Hacker News' Reader Tricked Me into visiting this Amazing Site (Don't Click at Work)
When hacking saves lives: Hacking medical devices and implants
When it comes to breaches, time is the biggest challenge
When working is more than just business
Which Android smartphones are most secure?
White House Says No Thanks to Snowden Pardon Petition
White House Support for CISA Worries Privacy Advocates
Whitepaper - Breach Response: How to Prepare for the Inevitable
Whitepaper: 10 key questions to ask when selecting a cloud service
Whitepaper: 10 things your next firewall must do
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Who fixes the most vulnerabilities?
Who is behind the hack of Uber’s driver database?
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Who planted the Juniper ScreenOS Authentication Backdoor?
Why background screening is vital for IT security
Why enterprise security priorities don't address the most serious threats
Why improving cyber resilience is key
Why parents must teach their children about internet security
Why Ransomware Will Continue to Rise in 2015
Wi-Fi HaLow to extend Wi-Fi solutions for the Internet of Things
WiFi jamming attacks more simple and cheaper than ever
WiFi jamming, too easy and cheap to run attacks
WikiLeaks obtains CIA Director's Hacked Emails and Plans to Publish them Shortly
WikiLeaks publishes documents stolen from CIA director's email account
WikiLeaks publishes reports showing NSA spied on French presidents
Wikileaks releases CIA Director John Brennan emails
Will 2016 be the year of the 100G network?
Will 2016 mark the end of the Advanced Persistent Threat?
Will the 2016 US presidential campaign get hacked?
WIN $1 Million Bounty For Hacking the New iOS 9 iPhone
Windows 10 Upgrade Become More Creepy, No Option to Opt-Out
Windows 10 Upgrade Spam Carries CTB-Locker Ransomware
Windows Bitlocker disk encryption could be easily bypassed
Windows Live ID scam targets personal information
Windows machines stop trusting Dell's two unconstrained root CA certs
Windows Phone hacked with Windows Phone Internals
WinRAR zero-day open million users to hack
With Its First Android app, Apple tried to Kill Android Community, But Failed Badly!
With unprotected keys and certificates, businesses lose customers
Women represent only 10% of the infosec workforce
WordPress 4.2.4 fixes critical vulnerabilities
WordPress Patches Critical XSS Vulnerability in All Builds
WordPress Patches Serious Shortcodes Core Engine Vulnerability
WordPress Security: Brute Force Amplification Attack Targeting Thousand of Blogs
World's 9 Biggest Banks to adopt Bitcoin's Blockchain Technology
Worldwide IT spending to decline 5.5 percent in 2015
Would Encryption Backdoor Stop Paris-like Terror Attacks?
WP Engine breached, forces users to change their passwords
Writing Advanced OS X Malware an ‘Elegant’ Solution to Improving Detection
xboxlive digital certificate exposed opens users to MITM attacks
XCodeGhost Attack – Is Apple’s Biggest Hack Ever linked to the US Intelligence?
XcodeGhost iOS Malware Contained
Xen Patches VM Escape Flaw
Xen Project plugs critical host hijacking flaw, patch ASAP
XOR DDoS botnet launching attacks from compromised Linux machines
XSS, SQLi bugs found in several Network Management Systems
Yahoo Hires Bob Lord as its CISO
Yahoo open-sources Gryffin, a large scale web security scanning platform
Yahoo to Warn Users of State-Sponsored Attacks
Yahoo touts Úspìch Bug Bounty Programu
Yahoo! Launches Free Web Application Security Scanner
YiSpecter — First iOS Malware that Attacks both: Non-jailbroken and Jailbroken Devices
YiSpecter iOS Malware Abuses Apple Enterprise Certs to Push Adware
YiSpecter iOS Malware can infect any Apple iOS device
You can buy a Cryptolocker/Cryptowall Ransomware Kit for $3,000
You can Hack into a Linux Computer just by pressing 'Backspace' 28 times
You Can Hack Your Own Car — It's Legal Now
You can’t be invulnerable, but you can be well protected
You need just $8,000 to exploit a zero-day in a critical infrastructure
You’re Paying for Your Starbucks, One Way or the Other
Your GPS Location and Calls Can be Spied Using Network Vulnerability
Zero Day in Android’s Google Admin App Can Bypass Sandbox
Zero knowledge proof as an enabler for Cyber weapon information sharing
Zero Trust approach to network security
Zero-day disclosure-to-weaponization period cut in half 
ZeroDB, the end-to-end encrypted database, goes open source
Zerodium Hosts Million-Dollar iOS 9 Bug Bounty
Zerodium offers $100,000 for bypass Flash Player heap isolation
Zerodium Offers $100,000 for Flash Zero-Day Exploit that Bypasses Mitigations
Zerodium price list for secret Hacking methods