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EFI Firmware Hacks This is one of the most popular and critical advice that every security expert strongly suggests you to follow to prevent yourself from major cyber attacks.
However, even if you attempt to install every damn software update that lands to your system, there is a good chance of your computer remaining outdated and vulnerable.
Thunderstrike 2

První malware Thunderstrike 2, který útočí na firmwary Apple MacVčera, Milan Šurkala, aktualitaPočítače Apple Mac jsou obecně považovány za bezpečnější než klasická PC. Přesto byl vědci vytvořen nový druh malwaru, který dokáže tyto počítače napadnout, a to dokonce jejich firmware.

Thunderstrike 1 Thunderstrike is the name for a class of Apple EFI firmware security vulnerabilities that allow malicious software or Thunderbolt devices to flash untrusted code to the boot ROM and propagate via shared devices. It was presented at 31C3. You can read an annotated version of the presentation or watch the hour long video. The FAQ answers common questions and I've also cataloged appearances in the media. There is now a no-hardware-required variant, Thunderstrike 2, which was presented at DefCon 23 / Blackhat 2015.