SSH (Secure Shell) je v informatice označení pro program a zároveň pro zabezpečený komunikační protokol v počítačových sítích, které používají TCP/IP.


SSH Brute Force 
SSH Insert Attack 
SSH Dictionary attakWith less than one hundred characters on a typical keyboard, a very basic brute force attack will attempt to guess every possible combination of these characters until access is granted. This method works quickly if the password is short, but can be exhausting with longer passwords. To account for longer passwords, a dictionary attack is more common. Instead of guessing all the possible character combinations, it uses lists of common words from dictionaries and literature. The tools that hackers use to perform dictionary attacks are getting smarter and more complex every day.
Any Hosting Provider 
HTTP Basic Authentication 
Mask Attacks 
Botnet Attacks 

Any CMS or Custom Website
Search Attacks 
HTTP Digest Authentication 
Rule-Based Search Attacks 
Unauthorized IPs 
THC Hydra 
Unlimited Attempt Frequency 
Rainbow Table AttacksHackers who steal password databases originally have a list of encrypted passwords. Passwords should never be stored in plain text, but often the same two encryption methods are used (MD5 or SHA1). These algorithms are easily reversed, allowing the attacker to create pre-computed rainbow tables that can match the encrypted output with the plain text password.hash
HTML Form Based Authentication 
Combinator Attacks 
IP Whitelisting 
John the Ripper 
And many others...