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15.5.17APT32: Vietnamese Hackers Target Foreign Corporations   
5.5.17The Snake APT Group is preparing its offensive against high-profile Mac users  
3.5.17Chinese TA459 APT exploits CVE-17-0199 flaw to target Financial firms  
2.5.17 Kaspersky Lab APT Trends report, Q1 17 From Lazarus APT to StoneDrill  
2.5.17APT Trends report, Q1 17  
28.4.17The massive attack against Israel was alleged launched by the Iranian OilRig APT group  
27.4.17Cracking APT28 traffic in a few seconds  
25.4.17Denmark blamed Russia APT28 group for cyber intrusions in Defense Ministry Emails  
22.4.17Chinese APTs targeted the South Korean THAAD anti-missile systems  
16.4.17Callisto APT Group exploited Hacking Team surveillance tools to hack Government targets  
7.4.17Operation Cloud Hopper APT10 goes after Managed Service Providers  
3.4.17APT29 Uses Stealthy Backdoor to Maintain Access to Targets   
28.3.17 APT29 group used domain fronting to evade detection long before these techniques were widely known  

APT29 Cyberspies Use Domain Fronting to Evade Detection

27.3.17 Top German official said Germany blocked Russian APT28 cyber attacks in 2016  
18.3.17 Symantec blames North Korean Lazarus APT group for recent attacks on banks  
17.3.17New APT Campaign based on Poison Ivy RAT with C&C in China has been reversed by MalwareMustDie  
22.2.17Serious Breach Linked to Chinese APTs Comes to Light   
16.2.17Google was aware of Russian APT28 group years before others  
15.2.17BitDefender found the first MAC OS version of the X-Agent used by the APT28  
4.2.17Russian APT 29 group launched cyber attacks against Norwegian authorities  
8.1.17China-Linked DragonOK APT Group continues updating tools and tactics  
22.12.16 Fancy Bear APT tracked Ukrainian artillery units with an Android implant