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21.4.20 KPOT Deployed via AutoIt Script Viry SANS
21.4.20 KPOT Analysis: Obtaining the Decrypted KPOT EXE Viry SANS
21.4.20 Malicious JavaScript Dropping Payload in the Registry Viry SANS
21.4.20 Sandbox Detection Tricks & Nice Obfuscation in a Single VBScript Viry SANS
21.4.20 Very Large Sample as Evasion Technique? Hacking SANS
21.4.20 Maldoc Falsely Represented as DOCX Invoice Redirecting to Fake Apple Store Viry SANS
21.4.20 Weaponized RTF Document Generator & Mailer in PowerShell Viry SANS
21.4.20 Reader Analysis: "Dynamic analysis technique to get decrypted KPOT Malware." Viry SANS
21.4.20 PowerShell Sample Extracting Payload From SSL Viry SANS
21.4.20 German malspam pushes ZLoader malware Viry SANS
21.4.20 Increase in RDP Scanning Útoky SANS
21.4.20 Password Protected Malicious Excel Files Viry SANS
21.4.20 Maldoc XLS Invoice with Excel 4 Macros Viry SANS
21.4.20 Obfuscated with a Simple 0x0A Viry SANS
21.4.20 Qakbot malspam sent from an infected Windows host Spam  Viry SANS