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27.11.17IoT lottery: finding a perfectly secure connected device  
19.11.17 De-authentication attack on Amazon Key could let crooks to disable your camera  
10.11.17Hackers Hacking Hackers: IoT Attack Script Embedded With Backdoor  
24.10.17 New Rapidly-Growing IoT Botnet Threatens to Take Down the Internet  
6.10.17Intel Launches IoT Device Management Service  
29.8.17IoT Device Hit by Credential Attack Every Two Minutes: Experiment   

Thousands of IoT Devices Impacted by Published Credentials List

27.8.17More than 1,700 valid Telnet credentials for IoT devices leaked online  
3.8.17New IoT Bill Proposes Security Standards for Smart Devices  

New Legislation Could Force Security Into IoT

26.7.17IBM Launches Security Testing Services For Cars, IoT   
19.6.17 Cameras Top Source of IoT Attacks: Kaspersky   
10.6.17Thousands of IP Cameras Hijacked by Persirai, Other IoT Botnets   
10.6.17Hundred of thousands of IP Cameras Hijacked by Persirai and other thingbots  
12.5.17 New IOT Attack Linked To Iran Persirai Malware Strikes at IP Cameras in Latest IOT Attack  
10.5.17New Persirai IoT Botnet Emerges   
4.5.17Large Companies Lack Clear Vision on Industrial IoT   

Cloudflare Launches Service to Protect IoT Devices

20.4.17White Hat Hacker Created Mysterious IoT Worm, Symantec Says   
20.4.17Symantec is monitoring the Hajime IoT malware, is it the work of vigilante hacker?  
11.4.17Mirai Variant Has Bitcoin Mining Capabilities   
8.4.17BrickerBot Damages IoT Device Firmware   
7.4.17IoT Amnesia Botnet puts at risk hundreds of thousands of DVRs due to unpatched flaw  
7.4.17IoT Botnet "Amnesia" Hijacks DVRs via Unpatched Flaw   
2.4.17Over 85% Of Smart TVs Can Be Hacked Remotely Using Broadcasting Signals  
28.3.17Miele Professional PG 8528 washer-disinfector affected by a Web Server Directory Traversal  
27.3.17Internet-Connected Medical Washer-Disinfector Found Vulnerable to Hacking  
24.3.17 Mocana Launches Industrial IoT Security Platform