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10.7.1775 Percent of U.S. Companies Think GDPR Doesn't Apply to Them PrivacyPBWCZ.CZ
4.7.17Microsoft Forces Users to Review Windows 10 Privacy Settings PrivacyPBWCZ.CZ
3.7.17French Regulator Accepts Microsoft's Data Protection Improvements to Windows 10 PrivacyPBWCZ.CZ

Google's $2.73 Billion Fine Demonstrates Importance of GDPR Compliance


Google Stops Scanning Gmail Content for Ad Targeting


Kantara Initiative Releases Consent Receipt Form for GDPR

30.5.17With Less Than 1 Year To Go Companies Place Different Priorities on GDPR CompliancePrivacyPBWCZ.CZ
26.5.17Survey Shows Disparity in GDPR Preparedness and Concerns PrivacyPBWCZ.CZ

Consent Control and eDiscovery: Devils in GDPR Detail

4.5.17eDiscovery - An Enterprise Issue That Can't be Ignored PrivacyPBWCZ.CZ
7.4.17European Parliament Slams Privacy Shield PrivacyPBWCZ.CZ
6.4.17Microsoft Details Data Collection in Windows 10 Creators Update PrivacyPBWCZ.CZ
6.4.17Microsoft Finally Reveals What Data Windows 10 Collects From Your PCPrivacyPBWCZ.CZ
4.4.17Kantara Initiative Assists With EU Privacy and GDPR Issues PrivacyPBWCZ.CZ
31.3.17Telegram Messenger Adds AI-powered Encrypted Voice CallsPrivacyPBWCZ.CZ

Could Killing of FCC Privacy Rules Lead to End of Net Neutrality?

21.3.17Searching for Leaked Celebrity Photos? Don't Blindly Click that Fappening Link!PrivacyPBWCZ.CZ
2.2.17WhatsApp may let you Recall Sent Messages and Track Friends Location in RealtimePrivacyPBWCZ.CZ
19.12.16The Turkish Government has blocked the Tor access once againPrivacyPBWCZ.CZ
28.10.16 New Privacy Rules require ISPs to must Ask you before Sharing your Sensitive DataPrivacyPBWCZ.CZ
1.8.16Using VPN in the UAE? You'll Be Fined Up To $545,000 If Get Caught!PrivacyPBWCZ.CZ
29.4.16Employee Monitoring, a controversial topicPrivacyPBWCZ.CZ
6.4.16Facebook uses Artificial Intelligence to Describe Photos to Blind UsersPrivacyPBWCZ.CZ
4.4.16German intelligence Agency BND spied on NetanyahuPrivacyPBWCZ.CZ